Alan McLoughlin Goal Republic Of Ireland

Watch – Alan McLoughlin Goal Republic Of Ireland

in 1994 FIFA World Cup USA

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Alan McLoughlin scores a vital goal to ensure the Republic of Ireland’s qualification for the World Cup in USA 1994.

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled Alan McLoughlin Goal Republic Of Ireland and credited to gregpent. Viewing time is 00:01:34, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Yeah I was there that night in PJ Flaherty;s in Salthill..never forget this great team……

  2. @ScarlettDahmer I know it was – but it felt like a win in that hate-filled cauldron where it really did feel like a win because we qualified for USA'94 and those useless Orange Bastards didn't!!! Haha.

  3. @NIFootie2010 PS it's never too late to get a proper education for yourself kid…You don't want to hang onto that inferiority complex for the rest of your life do you loser?Also do look into the London thing.they really don't want ye,the problem is they can't get rid of ye.LOL…..How does it feel not to be wanted by the foreign nation ye love.lmfao……Say thanks to your foreign Queen for bowing her head to the IRA again will you.Very touching moment it was 😉

  4. Pompey Legend. Even as an England fan, I cheered this goal as if I was cheering for Pompey! Get in!!

  5. I remember waiting on a definite result from the Spain / Denmark match just after this result. Poor Alan Kernaghan got some abuse as well because he was from the North. My fingernails were never as short, lol

  6. great result will i ever forget it some of the secterian abuse thrown at the irish team that night was brutal to say the least and then the scots did their bit and on to the world cup football is a funny old game,heres hoping we make it to 2012.

  7. 44% of us in the north jumped for joy when Alan McLoughlin put the ball in the onion bag. Such a sweet sweet moment. Sit down Billy Bigot Bingham.

  8. 2 deadly goals , i remember cursing at the tv when we were losing and jack brought on mcloughlin I said " this guy is crap" and i later quite happily ate my own words

  9. very underated player, jack charlton didnt believe he could play in his system, but was a regular for mick mcarthy in his first few years and put in some outstanding performances.

  10. That was a wonder goal against the north to bad they didn't win and stop us going to back to back world cups

  11. RIP Alan McLougin. Sadly passed away today after a long battle with Cancer. Play up Pompey.

  12. I had started weeping after NI scored (I was 10 at the time) and 28 years on I can still remember the rush of relief and joy I felt when that ball hit the net. Rest in peace Alan – for people here in Ireland, you're immortal.

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