Zidane Penalty Goal, France-Italy Final Match

Watch – Zidane Penalty Goal, France-Italy Final Match

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Zidane Penalty Goal, France-Italy FIFA World Cup 2006 Final Match, Zidane’s Last Goal.

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Zidane Penalty Goal, France-Italy Final Match and credited to Ogulcanxy. Viewing time is 00:00:30, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @NYYROCK ridde me this: why would a new york yankees fan even bother commenting on a football video? this isnt baseball; no steroid enhanced manboys crying about their salaries here. tell you what, stick to your piece of shit, & we'll continue to marvel at somebody whose sheer excellence improved the beautiful game, kk?

  2. At that time probably the best player in the world up against the best keeper in the world. And we all know who won!! 🙂

  3. it wasnt just the fact that it was a chip that made it great, it was the fact that he had the balls do it in a world cup final, truly magnificent

  4. What's so great about this is not just the skill that the penalty required, but the occasion in which he executed it. Can you imagine heaving to pull this off in a world cup FINAL when you know that these goal scoring opportunities are going to be scarce and everyone is depending on you? He wanted to leave behind a legacy, and he did. Amazing.

  5. Trash talking is a part of the game. Obviously he couldn't handle it and got himself kicked out. He's obviously not that great of a player if he can't keep his emotions in check. 🙂

  6. I would wait till the fucking World Cup was over then punch his lights out if I was really so offended about a little bit of trash talk. What Marco even said isn't exactly known. Still doesn't matter, Zidane left the world of football in disgrace. (As many of the announcers and other officials have said).

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