Pavel Nedved Retire before being Axed

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Pavel NedvedPavel Nedved doesn’t have any injuries and is perfectly fit but announces he is no longer playing for the Czech National team to give younger players a chance and says it was a difficult decision for him.

I don’t think it was a difficult decision for him to make since he doesn’t really have any options, and the difficulty lies in his acceptance that he can no longer play and keep up with the younger players in the National Team. At 34 years old, it would be foolish for a coach to include him in the team and build plays together with him as he is already at the sunset of his career and most likely would not be a factor in Euro 2008, let alone FIFA World Cup in South Africa on 2010.

Pavel intends to continue playing but with the relegated Juventus in the second division, a pathetic move considering the stars and core of the team has already left for a better club in a higher division. This is another decision that Pavel Nedved has no control off whose place in Juventus is the only option he has.

Pavel won the 2003 European Footballer of the Year but was forced to retire in 2004 after he suffered a knee injury in Euro 2004. Footballer of the Year award will not help Pavel retain favorable status in the National Team and had it not been for the relegation of Juventus, he must be packing his bags home.

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