Beckham’s Resignation as Captain was a Blessing in Disguise

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David BeckhamA lot of David Beckham’s fans were sad when he stepped down as captain of England following their World Cup exit, but it turned out to be a sub-conscious guard mechanism to lessen the pain for a future axing from the captaincy.

England has been an underachiever for as long as people could remember and David Beckham’s popularity is all that’s left of their image and success, whose loser status in footballing world was cemented by their early exit once again, so as the future of David Beckham on England.

Alex Ferguson has resigned from the position long ago and stated that the World Cup would be his last assignment for the country, and this is an indication that a revamp will follow soon after, including David Beckham who will most likely be stripped of his role; but little did people know that he’s leadership role is not only in danger but also his membership with the club.

Steve McLaren is reported to omit David Beckham from the squad and shall be confirmed on Friday at 1500 BST when he announces the final 24-man squad to carry England to the next level in succeeding years.

This is a big blow to all the fans including David Beckham but as it turned out, he’s resignation from England was minor and proved to be a blessing in disguise as he suffered less on his omission from the team than being removed from captaincy and immediately excluded from the team.

John Terry’s appointment gives England a new hope with people banking on the youth of Terry to work well for him as he would have enough time to grow and become a great leader and hopefully enough to carry them in international competitions. His new captaincy buzz simply pulls the world off from David Beckham making his suffering less difficult and simpler.

David still has it takes to play competitive football for his country but given his age of 31 and transfer plans to MLS two years after doesn’t give his coach any compelling reason to invest playing time for him and instead give the younger guys the opportunity to develop their skills helping England on a long-term vision.

The era of David Beckham“>David Beckham has formally ended but we hope he would still be visible to all of us fans.

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