I’m still bleeding for Brazil

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Brazil FIFA World Cup

Newspapers, friends, websites, etc. everyone talks about the unexpected defeat of Brazil. I feel the pain, my heart continous to bleed for seeing them exit at the quarterfinals and the thought of watching four teams in the semi-finals without their green and yellow color is unbearable.

In the first half when Zidane clearly outplayed, outwitted the samba team, I could sense the butcher floating around waiting to crush Brazil straight to the ground.

As I watched Zidane’s mastery and control for the match, my heart kept pounding strong and fast feeling signs of what’s to come. I calmed myself down only to see Patrick Vieira missed a wide open, uncontested header shot that went wide off the post on the 46th minute, followed by Henry Rooney whose shot was ruled offside. The atmosphere became scary and the sight of Zidane fuelling the plays at the middle of the field became a nightmare. I told myself it was a matter of time before France scored; true enough, on the 57th minute Henry scored the first and only goal of the match.

The Brazilian wings led by both Cafu and Carlos were manhandled by France’s winger in every possession. They were no match for the 1998 World Cup Champions and was an eyesore in how they ran the field. Cafu is definitely old and could not keep up with the younger generation playing at the highest level. Roberto was not skilled enough to get past defenders, slide for the ball and launch counter-attacks.

How embarrasing could that be?

When you came in as the world, Copa America and Confederations cup champions that is very embarassing. Brazil is the only 5 star team in the competition and they cannot get past the quarterfinals.

What were the disappointments?

When France scored the goal Brazil did not show any sense of urgency unlike Germany who went like savages cut loose once Argentina scored, they ran the field as if it was the last thing they will do and made sure they tied the game.

Brazil “just” played through the game. Pareirra was down stupid to have Adriano and Robinho sit on the bench. Clearly when they came Brazil showed attacking speed and form. What was the coach thingking — losing…

What next?

I am a true sportsman but that doesn’t heal the wounds any faster, it just hides the pain beneath your heart. How painful it maybe; but France deserved the win. France thought as a far greater lesson — arrogance and talent cannot help you win.

I still bleed deep inside, so the story goes…

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