Drama on Beckham and Rooney

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David Beckham Wayne RooneyI feel hurt and sorry for both David Beckham and Wayne Rooney who could only watch from the sidelines as their team lost against Portugal. David was in tears when he went off the field on the 52nd minute of the quarterfinal against Portugal after he got injured on his right ankle when defender Nuno Valente stepped on him.

Their last hope was superstar Wayne Rooney, who on the 62nd minute was sent off the field for a straight red card after he stomped Ricardo Carvalho on the groin.

England may not be the favorites to win the World Cup but at least they could have bowed out with both players competing until the very end.

This is going to be the last World Cup for the England skipper while Wayne is good for two more World Cups. We cannot do anything about this game and hope the best for these two players. David will best be remembered on his penalty kick goal against Ecuador that sent them to the quarterfinals.

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