World Cup Diary: Brazil

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Brazil FIFA World Cup Below is a diary of all games played by Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2006.

Last Updated: June 19, 2006

Date Played: June 13, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Croatia
Scorer/s: Kaka (44′)
Budweiser Man of the Match: Kaka

A minute before half-time and Kaka scored the only goal of the match that saw a second half of frustration from a gutsy and tough Croatian side.

Kaka :

I’m pleased, of course, but we’ve got more in our locker. For a first performance, it was good enough. The scoreline shows that it wasn’t an easy game, but then there aren’t any easy games at this tournament. Maybe it will keep our feet on the ground a little, and make us work even harder to improve. I was delighted to score a goal in my first World Cup match. It’s an honour and a privilege just to be here.

Stud of the Game: Kaka who scored the only goal of the game ensured Brazil is going to get their three points and most importantly avoid humiliation.

Dud of the Game: Ronaldo the pig just could not get his game going because of those extra cholesterol he carried with him.

Honorable Mention: Ronaldinho even without scoring made crucial and intelligent plays that gets Brazil scoring opportunities.

Game Players : 1 Dida, 2 Cafu, 3 Lucio, 4 Juan, 5 Emerson, 6 Roberto Carlos, 7 Adriano, 8 Kaka, 9 Ronaldo, 10 Ronaldinho, 11 ZE Roberto

Yellow Cards: Grella (33′); Moore (58′); Cahill (68′); Aloisi (78′)

Substitutes Robinho for Ronaldo (68′)

Date Played: June 18, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Australia
Scorer/s: Adriano (BRA 49′), FRED (BRA 90′)
Budweiser Man of the Match: Ze Roberto

Preview: Brazil wants this win to assure them into the next round however they need to play better against a gutsy Australian side who came from behind to steal the win against Japan to finish the game with a 3-1 score.

Parreira was quoted as saying that he does not want Brazil to engage in a physical game against the Socceroos in fear of getting injury and wearing them down.

Ronaldinho who did not score in their first game is expected to come back and provide a superb performance equivalent to his status.

Ronaldo on the other hand was criticized because of poor conditioning and needs to rebound from his first mediocre game.

Recap: The Australians played their hearts out against the number 1 seeded team in the world that kept the defending champions at bay until Adriano scored a goal four minutes after the start of the second half.

Parreira went with the same lineup that was fielded against Croatia with Ronaldo playing despite the attacks he suffered. Tim Cahill started for Australia after his first monster game that gave them full three points.

Ronaldo could have given Brazil the first lead after Ronaldinho and Kaka came off a fine passing play that saw Ronaldo well positioned in the box at the 37th minute only to hit clean air.

In the second half the Brazilian squad were rejuvenated that saw Ronaldinho firing a pass to Ronaldo on the edge of the box and setting Adriano for the goal.

After that goal Australia obviously played physical tackling Bresciano on the 55th minute.

Fred then scored the second goal for Brazil in the 89th minute when Robinho’s shot hit the post and rebounded directly in front of Fred.

Stud of the Game: Ronaldo was not his usual self but nevertheless his far improved play compared to the first game when he was mocked and belittled in the media is a good sign for the Brazilian squad. He was also instrumental in Adriano’s goal by feeding him off a pass from Ronaldinho.

Dud of the Game: Tim Cahill who scored two goals in the first game could not even come close in giving the Socceroos a goal.

Honorable Mention: Adriano who provided the game’s first goal is a strong contender for the man of the match. I must admit it’s a little too biased to have Ronaldo where Adriano is equally or even more deserving.

Game Players : 1 Nelson Dida, 6 Roberto Carlos, 2 Cafu, 3 Ferreira Lucio, 4 Juan, 10 Ronaldinho, 5 Fereira da Rosa Emerson, 8 Kaka, 11 Jose Ze Roberto, 7 Adriano, 9 Ronaldo

Game Substitutes : Gilberto Silva for F. Emerson (72′), Robinho for Ronaldo (72′), Fred for Adriano (88′)

Yellow Cards: Cafu (29′), Ronaldo (31′), Robinho (83′)

Current Squad

Goalie: 1 Nelson Dida, 12 Ceni Rogerio, 22 Julio Cesar

Defense: 2 Cafu, 3 Ferreira Lucio, 6 Roberto Carlos, 13 Cicinho, 14 Anderson Luisao, 15 Cris, 16 Gilberto

Midfield: 5 Fereira da Rosa Emerson, 8 Kaka, 11 Jose Ze Roberto, 17 Gilberto Silva, 18 Carlos Mineiro, 19 Pernambucano Juninho, 20 Luis Ricardinho

Striker: 10 Ronaldinho, 21 Fred, 23 Robinho, 7 Adriano, 9 Ronaldo

World Cup Gears at Sporati.

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