Michael Owen's goal against Argentina 1998

Watch – Michael Owen's goal against Argentina 1998

in 1998 FIFA World Cup France

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Michael Owen scores that wonder goal against Argentina in the 1998 world cup.

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This FIFA World Cup 1998’s video is titled Michael Owen's goal against Argentina 1998 and credited to Redmeister. Viewing time is 00:00:10, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @argentinodiegomarado Oh really? how about Maradona's goal, wasn't it similar? And how about all those players that chase him and are nowhere about to stop him. He is the best

  2. @Fiakosorio England slaughtered the Argentines when they tried to in invade the Falklands, Argentina went bye bye…

  3. I still think he should be playing for England, at international level he's miles ahead of some of the shite we have playing up front

  4. Top comment is a fucking idiot and not a liverpool fan.
    First Rafa didnt want Owen to leave , owen found out Madrid were interested and he wanted to go , its his carras and gerrards book , and he admited he wanted to go.
    he left liverpool in the summer of 04 , and liverpool won the europeon cup in may 05 .. he could have won the biggest prize in club football but decided otherwise. since then it has been downhill , boasting about his PL medal is his best after scoring 1 goal all season.

  5. Amazing!!! I remember as if it was today. I was 17 back then and I jumped up from my couch screaming " WOOOWW"…..and I´m German.

  6. Owen was the best in England until he left us Reds. He's with scum united now and guess what – he's now a bench-warmer and fills in for the other players when they play Benfica and Galati.

    A brilliant player who wasted his final years

  7. Michael never wanted to leave Liverpool as soon as Rafa came in he fucked up Liverpool getting rid of Owen and Danny murphy yeah, they won the champion league with Rafa but that was Gerrard houlies team if Rafa never went to Liverpool Michael would still be there guaranteed.

  8. Saying that, you might even assume that had Owen have stayed, we might not have won the CL. I liked Owen then, just as there used to be a time when I'd be happy for every Torres goal but both left and forced their way out.

    Sometimes I wonder if Owen ever regrets leaving Liverpool.

  9. Read Carraghers book and you'll see i'm right. Rafa didn't want Owen in his plans. Owen was plagued by injuries. How many times did he pull his hamstrings? Loads. Since I wrote the comment Owen won a league title at Man Utd but only made a hand full of appearances that season. He didn't become England's top goalscorer. He has been a model professional. When was he in the newspapers for anything other than football? Did he shag prostitutes? Did he shag his brothers wife? NO.
    Please answer.

  10. yeah i know he got rid of danny murphy and owen and brought in torres and alonso, what an idiot…. right?

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