Lahm Goal Germany v Costa Rica (1st goal of the world cup)

Watch – Lahm Goal Germany v Costa Rica (1st goal of the world cup)

in 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

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A great goal by Lahm for Germany in their 4-2 victory over Costa Rica.

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Lahm Goal Germany v Costa Rica (1st goal of the world cup) and credited to R10Bizarro. Viewing time is 00:00:59, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Yes, England are so overated and they rarely deliver. Italia '90 was our best recent(?) performance. I think it stems from many of out Prem clubs buying in foreign players from a young age as opposed to home grown talent. It's a problem that needs addressing.

  2. Yes. That's just lack of preparation & practice. Germany slaughtered Argentina on penalties, scoring all 4 spot-kicks to get them through. England only converted 1 of their penalties in '06 against portugal which wasn't enough. England's sole scorer? Hargreaves who played (up until this season) all his career for Bayern Munich which is in, erm.. oh yes, Germany.

  3. Well, Germany did their research with the penalties. They looked up main players and where they put spot-kicks. Lehmann saved two and guessed the right way for the other two, also. Shows how much that helped.

  4. @OasisLover2007: what? 40+ years not winning any major! that's almost half a century for nothing! But the Brits have been spending more than every one, bitching as if they were Champions …for 40 years and achieving less than Greece, Denmark, the Czechs, Portugal, Belgium … in Euro cups!

  5. At the time that Germans were celebrating Lahm's goal, I was recording it on a VHS tape.
    South Africa 2010 is fuckin' closer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a way to start the world cup, I hope this year we see more of the same, or maybe something even better.

  7. Best Full-Back in the world…. such a better all round footballer than Maicon, Dani Alves, Evra & everyone else. P. Lahm, J. Zanetti, A. Cole, G. Neville and Cafu are the best in recent years.

  8. 14 years ago the best World cup 2006 started, Iwas 7 when I watched this goal, The first Goal I remember watched on TV.
    FIFA World Cup 2006 best memories of my life best World Cup ever.
    Inaguracion Mundial 2006 Hace 14 años.
    Best memories of my lfe
    9 jun 2006
    82.874 visualizaciones

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