Germany 4 - 2 Costa Rica - 6th Goal by Torsten Frings

Watch – Germany 4 – 2 Costa Rica – 6th Goal by Torsten Frings

in 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

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Stunning Strike by Torsten Frings in the opening game of the World Cup 2006.

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Germany 4 – 2 Costa Rica – 6th Goal by Torsten Frings and credited to l1gall. Viewing time is 00:01:02, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @BlackPanteraSociety Well, Werder supporters an Germans are a pretty good number of people. Don't forget that he never played in any club outside Germany. There aren't many german midfielders that are "famous". Ballack, for example, wasn't recognized by a bigger audience until he played in Chelsea, and that doesn't mean he wasn't good. The most obvious example is what happened with Khedira and Özil. Before the World Cup, only the Germans knew who they were, and now they are in Real Madrid.

  2. @BlackPanteraSociety Was he injured at the time of the WC? I remeber that a lot of midfielders were injured at that time. Or it was that Löw didn't take him seriously? Something like that happened to Hitzlsperger, he played ALL the matches in the qualifying, and missed the WC.

  3. @Lethargyca
    I'll tell you another underrated player. From an underrated team too. Jacek Krzynowek of Poland. Check out his goal against Portugal. It was brilliant too. He got quite a bit of luck but it was still a brilliant strike from him.
    My point is: I agree with you that Frings is a bit underrated, while: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and some other players are a bit overrated, but the German team isn't underrated so it's not as bad as both players AND teams being uderrated.

  4. @ToughFilTSK79 yeah i know him… last team i saw he was playing for was Leverkusen, but there are tons of underrated players such as Diego Rivas, Kolarov, Mertesacker, Rosicky, Riise, Pirlo, Eduardo, Van Buyten,Riquelme, Recoba, Ljungberg…and the list keeps growing up, cause earning a rep in football nowdays is all about a contract with Nike or Adidas.

    But getting back to the Frings thing, did you know Bremen offered him a manager job in Bremen whenever he wants? such a cool thing.

  5. @Lethargyca I know them all but I don't think: Pirlo, Rosicky, Mertesacker are too uderrated. I still think that Frings Long range shots are astounding!
    I never heard about Frings getting any manager jobs. I mean I know he's retired from international football since 2008. But all ready he might be managing teams? pretty sweet!

  6. @marcinjerzysawicki yeah they signed him for 2 and a half years. Finally TFC is getting some World class players into their squad.

    Its a shame Joachim Low did not call him for the previous World cup.

  7. @LSBonnPower
    He isnt as good as 2006
    There are better players on his position like schweinsteiger & khedira 😉
    Greetings from Germany hope he feels well in the usa

  8. @KaGaWa995 No not really. he is still a good player. Loew didn't take him because he wanted to built a new team with a younger generation. The old team was starting to fall apart. People thought low is crazy after having called up all these new players like khedira, oezil, boateng etc that no one ever heard of. People were doubting that Germany would fail miserably at the WC. But he got 3rd place with crazy results. This is what Dunga failed at.

    btw, Torsten goes to Canada, not USA.

  9. @LSBonnPower
    Trust me he isnt as good as 2006. I follow the Bundesliga and the peoples who thought Germany would fail 2010 arent well informed about the team. Especially Mesut Özil played 2009/2010 a great saison!

  10. @KaGaWa995 before 2010 people thought germany would fail, but not anymore. In fact, they are favourites for the 2012 euro.

  11. siento mucho q le haya pasado eso a costa rica pero hay que reconocer

    los demas equipos de centroamerica solo van al mundial a servir de cheque al portador

  12. De hecho para nosotros es una proeza haber ido a 3 mundiales, mientras que ustedes han ido a más de 10, una pena, el fútbol de C.A. es de los peores del planeta.

  13. I really hate this guy, does some lucky bottom block against my USA in 2002, then scores a scorcher in 2006. Screw my life.

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