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Ahmed Bilal over at Soccerlens sent me a post about the what’s going on in the lockeroom of the Sweden national team after their tied game against Trinidad and Tobago.

This is rumor and I would ask you guys to take it as it is. This is the World Cup, emotions are rising to astronomical levels and so stories like this could be true.

In an excerpt of the story found here:

“It´s not the tactics, it´s the lack of creativity that denies us the goal”, Mellberg says as he looks at Ljungberg.

The Swedish captain is just about to walk pass Freddy to the right (seen from the door) when the Arsenal player “jumps” up and snubs:

“What the f**k are you trying to say with that? Perhaps you should think about your own game and keep the ball simple by the ‘wings’ instead of your ‘balloonshots’.”

I would not be surprised at all if this players have some misunderstanding after a loss. I just hope they sort it out pretty quick and get their acts together because the tied game against T&T does not look good going into their next matches.

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