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Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney came to the rescue as if on cue the Bat signal was raised and the hero appears. I would agree with Sven-Goran Eriksson’s decision before the game to keep Wayne Rooney from playing especially against a physical team like Trinidad and Tobago.

The first half ended and the score still tied, T&T are pounding on the drums, the fire is burning and the ritual of slaugthering a sacrifice is going to happen in the second half at the expense of England. With raw power rather than experience, with strength rather than finesse, with killer instincts rather than intelligence; this team is circling the field focus on taking down their opponent and claim their rightful place after 40 painful years of waiting.

England could smell the savageness at the other side of the field and without any second thoughts they send Rooney out on the field to save them a devastating damage that may no longer be repaired. Wayne the super hero breathe life to his teamates pumping their hearts to counter whatever national pride the West Indian defenders throw at them.

A reborn succeeded, with Beckham becoming a rejuvenated leader, England scored it’s first goal with 7 minutes remaining via David’s diagonal cross to a header by Crouch. The England turned into one fueled machine defending and attacking the T&Ts up to the last minute.

A statement was made with another goal in 91st minute courtesy of Gerrard honoring their hero — Wayne Rooney.

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