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Brazil’s Single Name Tradition

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Have you ever thought how come Brazilial players are known for their first name like Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Robinho, and so on? In a post by Nick found here via againagain says that the use of the first name could have it’s roots in the slave system where people referred to these slaves using their first name.

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Liveblog: Angola vs Portugal

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Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)

Angola: 0 Portugal: 1

Not the kind of ending I eexpect. The only goal cae at the 4th minute mark and Portugal wins 1-0.

68′ Pedro Mantorras (ANG) wins a free kcik.

Second half begins wih Portugal still holding on the first half goal.

First half ended…

42′ Paulo Figueiredo (ANG) wins a free kick off Petit’s fould

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Germany Football Map

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I found this cool map of Germany over at flickr with the FIFA World Cup logo as the background and all the stadiums marked by a soccer ball.

World Cup

It makes me smile and excited to look at the picture knowing one of those places a legend is going to be born very soon.

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