Uruguay OUT after South Korea's LATE goal: Group H FULL REACTION | ESPN FC

Watch – Uruguay OUT after South Korea's LATE goal: Group H FULL REACTION | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC reacts to South Korea qualifying for the Round of 16 in the World Cup after their win vs. Portugal and also look at …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled Uruguay OUT after South Korea's LATE goal: Group H FULL REACTION | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN FC. Viewing time is 00:14:53, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. "if they were as committed in the first two games as they were in chasing the referee we wouldn't be having this conversation". brilliant. 😀

  2. Little did Uraguay know Ghana holding them to that score helped eliminate them indirectly in return for 2010s match in fact they have been suicide bombed out of the tournament

  3. Uruguay please stop moaning. You were not good enough. It is all your fault. Look at yourself first, do not blame the officials. You were useless and not good enough. You deserve to go back home. Bye Bye.

  4. If i was the refree I would have just start swinging like don’t come at me cause you were not men enough in first two games to attack and score… little biting and crying b*tches

  5. Took a corrupt Iranian REF. and dirty Portugese team to take URUGUAY OUT of this tournament fixed joke if that wasnt a penalty what it was ?? as Portugal i believe they waited to the last minutes of the game to let Korea score so Uruguay cannot do much about it DISCRACE

  6. South Korea didn't deserve to go through. They drew with Uruguay, they lost to Ghana and they beat a weakened Portugal side.

  7. If Portugal face good teams, they will not be able to advance watching them play last night against South Korea

  8. South Korea game is really nice. They play like they can win every game! And their diagonal cross is so lethal and on point.

  9. Again all about the losers, nothing about the winners. When are you idiots going to give some credit to the teams that beat your predicted winners. Pathetic analysis and usually wrong. Do these dinosaurs actually know anything about football outside Europe. Obviously not.

  10. Uruguay future is looking bright with the emergence of valvadere & nunez.. south korea congrats!!! You & japan make Asia proud..

  11. Both teams deserve to go out seeing how they played against each other. Ghana was the favorite to qualify with Portugal but they seem disinterested to continue with their World Cup campaigin. Uruguay could have guaranteed to qualify if they scored one more goal but they too seem to assume that Portugal would 'take care' of Korea. In the end Korea deserved to go through. They had the lowest chance and they needed to beat the strongest team in the group. But they fought until the last minute to defy the odds.

  12. Disgusting panel, hating some teams and players and adoring others (until they lose, then the narrative changes, no backbone either).

  13. Even on the penalty against Portugal, Gimenez is not Innocent. When Bruno touches the ball Gimenez is standing. He goes down in a fraction of a second. If you try to put your hand on the floor behind you of course you fall.

  14. Happy days karma yes karma on Suarez.. cheatcheat cheat….still laffing…and hope he's still crying .. so don't go near or he could Bite …lol.

  15. ? Steve what was that? What do you mean if Uruguay were as committed to chasing the referee as they were in the first 2 games…

  16. It's kind of the reversal of 1990 WC game where Uruguay scored last gasp goal against Korea make it to the last 16.

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