Reason why VAR allowed Japan goal against Spain | World Cup 2022: Japan 2-1 Spain

Watch – Reason why VAR allowed Japan goal against Spain | World Cup 2022: Japan 2-1 Spain

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled Reason why VAR allowed Japan goal against Spain | World Cup 2022: Japan 2-1 Spain and credited to COSMIC-9 FOOTBALL. Viewing time is 00:00:10, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. My Gosh. Are people seriously saying the entire dimension of the football crossed the line? Try to remember primary school. A football is a sphere, a sphere. So, of course if you look from the side it’s going to appear like it’s out because the outer dimensions of a sphere would not touch when layed out on a flat surface, only the center would, meaning you would see green between the ball and line with a side angle as the center of the ball was past the line. But, from the top angle we clearly saw that the outer dimension for the ball did not fully cross the line because there was no green (grass) between the line and ball. I really hope everyone is just trolling and not thick headed and not have a full grasp of the rules.

  2. The view from the side is meaningless.
    If the ball remains above the line even a little when viewed from above,play continues.

  3. It is out. I have seen many cases like that and in those cases ball was out but this time VAR made mistake

  4. It's in. But that is not the only excuse for Germany fans. The case is they didn't win Japan n Spain. Never let other teams to decide your own fate.

  5. You people realise that part of the ball is not out it only look like it cause it’s a sphere and the bottom will look smaller

  6. You guys dont know true meaning of this video?
    You guys have to watch why does Japanese really popular come from
    Ike Ike Ike……?

  7. That's not ball touching the line, it's out….the circumference of the ball from the above angle creates the illusion its touching the ball

  8. For the VAR, Fernando Guerrero of Mexico, to overturn the decision of the assistant, he has to have definitive evidence that part of the ball is on the line. Importantly, this isn't just about the ball touching the ground. The curvature overhanging the line also counts

  9. That was subjective so you can't really question it but the offsides tech is flawed. Takes 2 sets of replays to get it right and they use one, on the 2nd more obvious part. The part they have no tech for is when the ball leaves the passing players foot. You can't just look at 1/2 of an offsides call.

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