MESSI MAGIC & ALVAREZ SOLO GOAL!  | Argentina v Croatia | Semi-Final | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Watch – MESSI MAGIC & ALVAREZ SOLO GOAL! | Argentina v Croatia | Semi-Final | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2002’s video summary and description

Watch highlights of Argentina v Croatia’s semi-final at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Get all the highlights from Qatar 2022 on …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled MESSI MAGIC & ALVAREZ SOLO GOAL! | Argentina v Croatia | Semi-Final | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and credited to FIFA. Viewing time is 00:02:08, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Gvardiol seemed to be lost with ideas to stop Messi… He was anticipating some long galloping run from Messi or heavy touches in the ball so he could tackle by throwing himself on the ball winning duels…Gvardiol was breakthrough defender of the tournament ….
    But Messi was accelerating and retarding with his run instantly,the ball always was stuck to his feet and those body feints from the goat made a young defender day miserable …..

  2. Penalty!?!
    There was no obstruction before or during Julián Álvarez attempted his shot on goal.
    Tackle was a follow through of the goalie, I don't think it was a penalty.
    Referee was not in the best vantage point.

  3. My dad is a Croat, my mom is Argentinian man I wish this was the final because I would be so excited regardless who wins

  4. Controversy surrounds at least 3 of the Argentina penalties.Why did Fifa not investigate? Why was Messi not send off for handball against Holland? Why was he not sanctioned for abusing von Gaal and the Dutch goal scorer?

  5. Nonexistent penalty changed the course of the game. Croatia had to open and risk more. Referee pushed Argentina and would push more if it was needed. It's funny how Messi is given praise when most of his goals are from penalties.

  6. Mehn…… Messi Is On A Whole Other Level Really.??????
    Congratulations To Argentina For Going Through To The Final ???

  7. Ahora como lo llamamos a Hormonel por marcar solo de penal
    Penal para Argentina que nervios ya estoy practicando para el domingo cuando les regalen otro penal

  8. Is IT weird that the owner of PSG is a Qatari and Now Messi and Mbappe playing in the Finals in Qatar ??????!!!! ??

  9. the whole world rooting for Messi and most French people act more neutral only because of Messi. It's unbelievable support for Messi, it's a bit unfair but Messi deserves it.

  10. France is much stronger and the Argentinian people will cry because they do not yet know the disaster that is approaching…

  11. Wait until you see the likes of Sucic, Majer(properly because he played in this WC a bit), Sutalo, Baturina, Biuk, Erlic, Stanisic, Vidovic, Simic, Beljo and many other kids who are the future.

    Trust me, Croatia isn't going anywhere over the next decade.

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