Late Weghorst goal & PENALTIES | Netherlands v Argentina | Quarter-Final | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Watch – Late Weghorst goal & PENALTIES | Netherlands v Argentina | Quarter-Final | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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Watch highlights of Netherlands v Argentina’s Quarter-Final at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Get all the highlights from Qatar …

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This FIFA World Cup 2014’s video is titled Late Weghorst goal & PENALTIES | Netherlands v Argentina | Quarter-Final | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and credited to FIFA. Viewing time is 00:02:08, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Ah well, we (as Dutch) can complain what we want, fact is that we have to thank ourselves (and with ourselves I mean the Dutch team and coach!) for the loss! If they would have played the extra time with the same passion and the same interest as the last 10 minutes of the regular time they had a chance to beat Argentina. They did not and penalties is a sure loss for the Dutch as they cannot and have never could restrain their nerves in such heated moments! Next time better!!

  2. Since the 1978 World Cup in Argentina was sold to Argentina,under their dictator Jorge Videla, Argentina has not played a fair game against the Netherlands.This time the Netherlands,as the only country,has found a tatical answer to their way of playing, bringing them to the brink of elimination.They behaved again in a scandalous manner as before.??

  3. Are people bling or something like that. But this world cup Argentina cheated so match. Most of penalties shouldn be spotted. And without any Var searching. Criminal World cup. Argentina was favour to Fifa and referiz.

  4. let's see, no yellow for the blatant handsball by Messi, no red for the foul on Ake, a shot into the dugout that was left unpunished. Countless ball interceptions by the Dutch that resulted in very questionable free kicks for Argentina, endless talking to the ref in his Spanish native tongue towards the end of the game which resulted in even more questionable decisions. On top the behavior by especially Messi and Martinez can only be described as vile and classless. In addition I also question the neutrality of the referee. It would be comparable to having a Belgian referee leading the match who would no doubt be biased towards Holland. Losing is fine, but this stinks. Both the Argentinian team and the referee should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Matches between Argentina and Holland seems to have it. Only after this match I have a bad taste with this ref. Messi should have had yellow for hands. The penalty, well … no, yes … really? Inside the box? Contact? And all the free kicks in extra time for Argentina. Anyway loved the tension and Messi of course the goat.

  6. Argentine almost lost despite they have won 2:0. It would difficult to forget by argentine tim if they lost. Same they did when met France in final was 2 gol only in 3 minute, those gol occur when they tried to delay game and opponent stole ball from argentine player convert it to gol.

  7. Holanda es la selección más vende humo de la historia. Te venden que juegan bien y después la patada más baja te la dan en la frente. Y sobre este partido en específico, imaginate levantar un 2 a 0 y después tirarte atrás en el tiempo extra

  8. As a Dutchmen… The win was deserved. But man oh man what's proven that Messi is a sore winner. The way he act is not what the greats in the past have showed. In my opinion he couldn't never filled the shoes of the real Argentinian GOAT Maradona.

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