Every USMNT Goal From 2022 World Cup Qualifying

Watch – Every USMNT Goal From 2022 World Cup Qualifying

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All goals from the USMNT’s 2022 World Cup Qualifying Campaign. More info: Subscribe to U.S. Soccer …

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This FIFA World Cup 2018’s video is titled Every USMNT Goal From 2022 World Cup Qualifying and credited to U.S. Soccer. Viewing time is 00:06:48, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I really, REALLY hope Pepi gets to pop off in Germany. Him leading the US line had this team firing on all cylinders when he was in form.

  2. I go back and forth on best goal of the campaign between Dest's rocket and Pulisic's 3rd vs. Panama. Both are just outstanding.

  3. nice video? make sure to check out our videos and exercises for coaches and player. We just filmed an entire training session with a U19 youth Bundesliga team????

  4. First I was wondering why there's so few goals. Then I remembered the U.S. gets a bye to the final round now. Also crazy to think this will be their last qualifying run for 8 years.

  5. >Man in the mirror

    >Loses and draws to Canada, Loses to Costa Rica and Panama

    >Finishes 3rd in the table below Canada and Mexico


  6. As a true American citizen, i just go to the stadiums to watch these hot sweaty players running across the field while i get an erection, because i don't understand anything about this sport, so that is the only reason why i came to this video. I'm eating a delicious hamburger rn btw

  7. U.S. Coach Tab Ramos
    Formation: 4-4-2

    Starting IX
    Forward: Timothy Weah

    Midfield: Aaronson Brenden, Christian Pulisic, Yunus Musah, Giovanni Reyna, Weston McKennie

    Defender: Sergino Dest, John Brook, Chris Richards, DeAndre Yedlin

    Goalkeeper: Ethan Horvath

  8. You get your team through qualifying you coach in the WC that’s how it works. GGG has earned it after the Cup you reevaluate

  9. That Dest goal might be my favorite due to the perfection of that shot. Or pulisic's incredible hatrick goal against Panama.

  10. I gotta say, that I love the USMNT and wish them success. Probably the most stacked full of talent the US has ever had to date. But they gotta chill with these celebrations. Playing countries like El Salvador, Honduras or some other less known soccer country and then doing backflips and cheering like you beat Germany 4-1 is ridiculous some times. They should be more humble and it will prepare them better for the much bigger threats in the WC.

  11. Les États Unis d Amérique ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? gagné le Mondial 2022 au Qatar ?? ou le Mondial 2026?????? à domicile .

  12. Alex Morgan and Marta go head to head to dry and smash our drone out of the air.

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  13. It’s a shame that USA doesn’t have tougher competition in these run ups. World Cup is a very different group of teams to play and I’m not sure this run up is going to get them ready imo. Good luck!

  14. We lack a top quality finisher that can take on defenders and cause problems up front for opponents!

  15. If only we gave our soccer team as much attention and priority as we do to gays we could have a decent national squad that would be a threat in the world cup ?????

  16. I feel bad for the smaller central american countries when they come to play against the US, not because of the quality of the opponent because we suck, but imagine coming from a poor country like Honduras, a country with very little riches and being intimidated by thousands of fans in a giant arena with things you didn't even know existed, bruh I have some family back in El Salvador, our stadiums don't even have individual seats bruh lol our locker rooms are legit actual lockers lol can't even imagine the jitters those guys must feel, going to mexico would be even worst cuz soccer is their life down there

  17. When USA gets kicked out the group stage I’ll make sure to post that thumbnail picture all over my social media. The British are coming mate ?

  18. The young talent on this team is crazy. They can really fly down the field. Very unselfish as well, with fast progressive passing. Good luck in the World Cup! ??

  19. not gonna lie, 2018 was terrible for me (but i also got a job literally the next day because the partner and I vibed off the fact USMNT didnt qual during my interview). 2022 can be a trial, but 2026 is literally ours. i've never seen this much talent from american kids. lets go boys.

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