Argentina Have A Good Chance to Win World Cup 2022

Watch – Argentina Have A Good Chance to Win World Cup 2022

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This FIFA World Cup 2022’s video is titled Argentina Have A Good Chance to Win World Cup 2022 and credited to Have Hope’s Football Hut. Viewing time is 00:06:42, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. HH, I agree with you that They have good chance but they’re so not winning that World Cup in Qatar ?? next year realistically.

  2. 7 ballondors
    Champions league with psg
    And the world cup
    There was never an argument and after this even paid sports websites will give up

  3. Honestly, just depends on how the WC groups shape out. If Argentina can end up with an England WC 2018/Euro 2020-esque path, then they might have a chance lol. But if they end up having to face a France, Spain, Italy (maybe), Belgium, England, or Brazil early on might be tough lol.

  4. Argentina have a big chance they are one of the better teams but if france dont have internal issues id have them as favourites

  5. And don't forget PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has close ties to FIFA. I'm sure he would like another Ballon d'Or for Messi while he's at PSG. It can happen

  6. No They can't win Next yeare world cup france is Clear favourite for Next year world Cup another World cup is loading for goatbappe ??

  7. Even though it will be a dream come true. I don’t think South American side will win the World Cup. I do think the cup is coming to Europe again.

  8. They don’t if you watched the copa america Argentina was holding on & getting peppered in many games just relying on counter attacks and individual brilliance

  9. LMAO!! BRO Did u Just say "man on a mission!?" Ha. He literally ghosted in the only 2 games against a halfway decent side. A richarlidson led ?? & yerry mina ??! Smh. Get a grip man that copa was a joke #carabaocopa

  10. Am glad Messi won the Copa in Brazil & with Neymar on the field. If the tournament had taken place in its original destination, Argentina. The Messi haters would have said, he did it on home turf. And if Neymar hadn't been in the Brazilian side. The Messi boo-boo boys would have said, he won it against a weekend Brazilian team. Messi closed the door bang in their faces, on all counts!

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