Jay Reacts To FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 Trailer!

Watch – Jay Reacts To FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 Trailer!

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Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2022’s video summary and description

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This FIFA World Cup 2022’s video is titled Jay Reacts To FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 Trailer! and credited to Jay & Sof Reacts. Viewing time is 00:07:43, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I LOVE YOU JAY but Quaresma (sauce king from Portugal) is pronounced like KWAR -ES – MA
    I know you love Casemiro but dang it hurts my soul when I hear it hahah
    Just hit a few KWAR ES MA chants before you go to bed and you'll be singing that shit from the rooftops

  2. bro what are you talking about the US is well on their way to qualifying lol

    you should watch the world cup qualifier matches

  3. Lol Portugal hasn't even qualified yet and they are in real danger to play in the World Cup 2022 just to tell you guys.

    Portugal lost their last WC qualifier match which put them under World Cup play offs round where they have to play semi final and final and if they lose any of the match they're out

  4. Do you know that Portugal is not even qualified at the moment ?
    They got beat by Serbia and know they have to play the playoffs. Maybe 2022 in Qatar without Ronaldo ?

  5. I will be happy if any country win worldcup except argentina and except portugal,i m very happy germany won worldcup 2014 against argentina,and i m very happy france won worldcup 2018 and won semifinal agaist argentina,thank u mbappe

  6. I feel you bro, i'm from Israel and we played only once in history in the World Cup, it was in 1970 (when we still played in Asia, now we play in Europe so we don't really got a chance to qualify)

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