EVERY GOAL ?? 2022 World Cup Qualifiers | Record-Breaking Kane, Sterling, Saka, Grealish | England

Watch – EVERY GOAL ?? 2022 World Cup Qualifiers | Record-Breaking Kane, Sterling, Saka, Grealish | England

in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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Take a look back at all 39 goals from the Three Lions’ qualifying campaign for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Featuring a …

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This FIFA World Cup 2014’s video is titled EVERY GOAL ?? 2022 World Cup Qualifiers | Record-Breaking Kane, Sterling, Saka, Grealish | England and credited to England. Viewing time is 00:14:37, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Kane's goals in the World Cup 2022 Qualifier

    Home to San Marino: didn't play
    Away to Albania: ??
    Home to Poland: ??
    Away to Hungary: ??
    Home to Andorra: ??
    Away to Poland: ??
    Away to Andorra: didn't play
    Home to Hungary: didn't score
    Home to Albania: ??????
    Away to San Marino: ????????

    If he played in every World Cup Qualifier 2022, who knows he would have broke Rooney's record-by now?

  2. Just win a title and bring it home
    We are tired of all this team made nation proud, players played like heroes and all blah blah
    We need first place now, more than enough of heartbreaks every tournament

  3. Now we have to work to win the World Cup. It was always luck. It was not with the England team in the past competitions. Will Southgate do it in Qatar? Let's wait

  4. 8:41 I was there at the Hungary match and even though we drew, it was amazing, everything about the experience was amazing, if you ever get the chance , go see England play (if you're a supporter of course) because its amazing

  5. These lads we've had since 2018 have made me really passionate about football for the first time in my life, and it's because MOSTLY they play for England like everything is on the line. Beckham may have been brilliant for MANU but I never got the feeling that generation really wanted it like these lads do, maybe because being around my age and growing up watching your team fail for so long, must be enough for them to make it happen. I mean Pickford during 2020 Euros saved goals in every match like you could tell he wanted it, he dove on the ball like a grenade, yeah some said his attitude was a bit much, but that's just a lad who really understands what it meant.

    Edit: Also It's amazing that these lads that no one really believed had it in them to do well in 2018, and one thing I think caused that wasn't just that they were "new and young", but they had a whole nation to turn from "You're not fit to wear the shirt" to people who actually love and respect their team again, and 2020 Euros just made things even better. I'm now proud and for years I never cared, I get it I get why people watch football I just cannot wait.

  6. I have no words to say how amazing this team is. I am a massive fan and i also have the Marcus rashford you are a champion book and i cant pick who is my favourite player

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