Vietnam's qualification campaign has been just pain. | World Cup 2022

Watch – Vietnam's qualification campaign has been just pain. | World Cup 2022

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I coulda done a video about the USMNT, but Vietnam is less talked about so yeah. Btw Wu Lei is an evil man. I’m only kidding let me cope until November.

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This FIFA World Cup 2022’s video is titled Vietnam's qualification campaign has been just pain. | World Cup 2022 and credited to Maqwell. Viewing time is 00:10:53, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. As an Australian, I feel bad for the no pen call, but to be fair to Vietnam they've shown alot of heart.

  2. F for Vietnam :(. I hoped for an underdog story but sadly that didn't happen. I do hope they can come back stronger next world cup if they continue to improve (and if the AFC officials improve).

  3. as an indonesian, i'll be rooting for vietnam in the japan match. although vietnam destroyed us, i'll support vietnam and one last thing, like nordin amrabat says "var is BS"

  4. Same. I am Latvian and this Monday we had a FIFA World Cup Qualifiers game against Turkey, even if we didn't have a chance qualify for a World Cup we were much better than Turkey in the attack. We scored and took the lead in the 70th minute and the stands just went mad! We were leading against Turkey! Turkey equalized like 5 minutes later, which wasn't very surprising because we're conceding very early after scoring. But then, there was like 4 minutes of added time and it looked like we will get a point, but referee allowed Turkey to attack 2 more minutes and in the 96th minute Burka Yilmaz went down the box and referee gave a penalty. And we clearly could see that it wasn't a penalty, I would say that wasn't even a foul. But yeah, referee gave a penalty and Turkey won the game in the 99th minute and after the game, this game was given a title of "Beautiful Loss", because we were playing so, so good and we deserved at least a draw, if not win.

  5. 8:09 AYYY THATS SOME BULLSHI- and i swear the afc are getting bribed by these teams afc: give us 500,000 dosh all vietnam's opponents: ok thats good tell the ref to give us lucky decisions ok afc: YOU HAVE A FUCKING DEAL!!! relatable

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