HIGHLIGHTS | HB Køge vs. Barcelona -- UEFA Women's Champions League 2021-22

Watch – HIGHLIGHTS | HB Køge vs. Barcelona — UEFA Women's Champions League 2021-22

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October 14, 2021 — HB Køge vs. Barcelona | UEFA Women’s Champions League Group Stage Matchday 2 Subscribe to DAZN …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled HIGHLIGHTS | HB Køge vs. Barcelona — UEFA Women's Champions League 2021-22 and credited to DAZN UEFA Women’s Champions League. Viewing time is 00:09:51, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. ¿Qué pasó en el primer tiempo? Qué cantidad de pérdidas de pase, nada de velocidad atrás, unas fuera de forma y otras sacrificando el trabajo en equipo por buscar su gol… No me ha gustado nada, podía haber sido un empate tranquilamente. Espabila Barça, espabila.

  2. Enger is going to have to pick up her game.
    All she does is pass backwards and lose the ball with an occasional forwards attempt.
    At this rate all she's going to get is 30 mins at the end of games with Barca up 6-0.
    Rolfo is doing OK but Leila at left wing back and Hermoso are coming back
    so if she wants game time she'll have to start making her presence felt in the penalty box.
    Nice goal but she could be winning some of more of those crosses, especially the headers.
    PSG and Olympic Lyonnais await.

  3. This match wasn't as bad as people says, but it was disappointing for supporters of both teams: Barça had destroyed Arsenal in the 1st round so there was expected a ton of goals against Køge, but they suffered instead to get the 3 points; for Køge, it was sad 'cause the tie could be sustained until the end.

  4. Barcelona cheat to get penalties… no way was that a penalty it was more a foul the other way VAR would change that, and you could see the barca player look up, as she was feigning injury only to miraculously recover moments later, job done – conned the ref.

  5. Koge should be proud of what they did last night, not anyone can keep the reigning European champions to only 2 goals.

  6. Wow,never thought køge could play like this?. Even they lose,they still amazed me with their performance,sadly they couldn't get the ball smash the net

  7. Barcelona is one of my favourite teams…but to be honest this was Barcelona s worst performance….they were lucky or else koge would have scored 3 goals in the first half itself ?????

  8. These koge ladies can play football; if they can keep their development going they are going to upset a top team real soon

  9. Even the deadliest striker Azizat Oshoala, was not even there otherwise the would have drink goals. Congratulations girls.

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