Barcelona vs. Arsenal | Partido Entero De La Jornada 1 De Le UEFA Women's Champions League

Watch – Barcelona vs. Arsenal | Partido Entero De La Jornada 1 De Le UEFA Women's Champions League

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description Barcelona vs. Arsenal — la UEFA Women’s Champions League | 5 de Octubre de 2021 Suscríbete a DAZN …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Barcelona vs. Arsenal | Partido Entero De La Jornada 1 De Le UEFA Women's Champions League and credited to DAZN UEFA Women’s Champions League. Viewing time is 02:35:31, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. My review : First I have to say Barcelona midfielders are damn too good and their first touch one to one passing are way much better than any team in the WSL FA League. The midfielders through pass between our defenders was so accurate, timely and at right pace. They bossing the midfield. So that is my honest review on Barcelona.
    For my team Arsenal : The main cause we lose today was at the midfield. Our midfielders were unable to battle with them and lost almost every challenge. We were too soft in the battle. We look so tired and no fighting spirit. We not marking them and let them move freely to any space they want without resistance. We allow them play as what they want and we were not playing as per our usual football. We respect them too much. Nobody press them in the midfield. We just waiting for the counter attack and it didn't work today.
    Beattie is good in reading the game like BFG but she is just so slow to recover her speed on through ball and they scored twice on her weakness with such good through ball from their forwards Oshoala and Martens. Viv should not subbed and she should play with Tobin and Parris in the 2nd half because she doesn't get the service in the 1st half. Foord is not good enough for UCWL level. Lwabuchi should play earlier in the 2nd half because we were so weak in the midfield. At least in the 2nd half, we look like start playing our normal football back. We start to press and fight for the ball and no more waiting game or look dead like in the 1st half. Both our wingers look more lively going forward. Today, we just playing football for 30 minutes.

  2. Aplauso MAYUSCULO a todo el equipo de DAZN por el gran despliegue y la gran y amplia cobertura y que se le dió ayer a este partido! ENHORABUENA!!!!

  3. Barcelona feminino: first half ????? second hlaf ???. Two times the first half and Barca feminino is unbeatable. Bravissimas!

  4. Este entrenador es novio de alguna jugador verdad por eso sacaron al otro el tiempo dirá la verdad

  5. ufff… como dijo el sensei Carola: acá huele a latex! buen comienzo del Barza Femenino. Tienen mas futbol que la primera de hombres, dios mio!

  6. Ninafuraha Kukutana na wewe. In Ghana you are number Moja. In the whole African Continent! You are moja.

  7. Buen partido de mi barca, la parte que no me gustó fue que en un momento las comentaristas dijeron que la árbitro le dijo al entrenador del equipo contrario que no les gritara a las jugadoras , eso es una tontería como le vas a decir a él entrenador que no las regañe si estaban jugando que dan pena

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