World Cup 2022 Simulated by Football Manager 2021

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Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2022’s video summary and description

We’re back! I simulated the 2022 World Cup on FM20 but this is a new year on FM that happens to be one year closer to the actual next World Cup in Qatar.

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This FIFA World Cup 2022’s video is titled World Cup 2022 Simulated by Football Manager 2021 and credited to Zealand. Viewing time is 00:51:19, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. This was SO fun to be around live!

    Senegal kickin' the shit out of people in the beginning was SO fun!

    Send scouts to Senegal folks, they have some superstars there!

  2. was just managing the Vipers in the Ugandan league for my only-leagues-from-former -and -current-British-empire save. Fun league, actually. Everyone is 40.

  3. Seeing Zealand cheer for USA made me think; a World League series that he takes a team from the USA and bring it to the top of the World Premiere League would be a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Nice I noticed a chat comment from me on screen this was such a great stream to be at and it's nice to remind myself of what happened.

  5. Hi Zealand. For some reason my FM21 save keeps crashing on a certain date. I tried to go on vacation to pass that date by that doesn't work either. Seen other people also experiencing the same problem and couldn't find a solution to this. I've played this for 4 seasons only and this error already occurred. Any ideas how to fix my save?

  6. Declan Rice and Grealish having a heck of a match and winning the World Cup? I think all the dislikes come from The Irish Guy

  7. Z, I have watched and enjoyed plenty of your content; but none quite as much as I love this type of video.

    Hands down, by far, my fave of your content, and no other youtube/twitch content creator could make the same content any better. This commentary style is a real niche of yours. Class.

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