Barcelona vs Bayern Munich highlight 2021 - 2022 UEFA Champions league

Watch – Barcelona vs Bayern Munich highlight 2021 – 2022 UEFA Champions league

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

this is a football match between Barcelona from Spain and Bayern from Germany.

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Barcelona vs Bayern Munich highlight 2021 – 2022 UEFA Champions league and credited to champions league 2021. Viewing time is 00:08:16, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. Part of me thinks that if Lewandowski wasnt Polish but someone from France,England,Germany,Spain etc. he would get immediate recognition, one of the most underrated players.

  2. Guys chill , Barcelona are missing important players like dest , dembele, fati, coutinho, braithwaite , if those were fit it would be ended differently, also you gotta notice that the fc Bayern were full with no injuries like if you think about it it makes sense
    For me barca didn't play bad at all and 1st and the 2nd goal were a bit lucky tbh

  3. Keeping it real the only decent & good defender Barcelona has RN is Araujo he was the only one that defended good that game, if barça had someone like VVD or of that quality next to Araujo they'll probably would not concede any goals or maybe just one goal & the forwards can do their job in attacking But playing Pique, Garcia plus Alba & Roberto & Busquets you'd expect to concede goals, look at the change in Bayern back line since 2015 & look at Barça the only new good defender Barça has is Araujo & he was the only one to defend well & try that game.

  4. When ansu fati and dembele comes.
    It will be a different game for Bayern.

    They need a good coach like Conte.
    Conte or Mourinho can beat bayern by
    1 – 0
    Masters at working the defense

  5. it's even more embarassing when you realise that Barca had 15 days of rest while Bayern had few, having met Leipzig three days prior

  6. Para los que seguimos al Bayern y al fútbol aleman sabemos que él bayern jugo al 40% y en instancias a menos, fue un paseo por su campo , ese ataque y presión constante es una delicia verlos , por eso me encanta el fútbol aleman, para mí Alemania es el país con el mejor fútbol

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