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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Ciao Juventini of the world! UEFA Champions League is back! Let’s follow and comment the draw live. Shop here: Art Direction & graphic …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE || JUVENTUS DRAW and credited to GJustjuve. Viewing time is 01:54:14, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. I predicted Juventus to play Chelsea I watch alot of Chelsea but I am a Juve fan hope it’s a great game
    Chelsea are sort of my premier league team but I love no one more than Juve

  2. Juventus VS Chelsea
    Paris VS Man City
    Bayern VS Barcelona
    Atletico VS Liverpool

  3. great Mr nice live I a trust for Alegre Juve will going to final champion league his bomber one in Yoruba coach in home away matches with in tow years Juventus will win champions league. Forza juve

  4. Beppe you are a true juventini saying facts….. lots of love…. basically i am a ronaldo fan-i learned a lot about this club…. and greatful to be here to watch every matches and saw your videos for more than 15 months…. even if ronaldo leave i will never miss your channel cz i will never leave ???

  5. Difficult Group but we can progress even in the 1st place, Chelsea is a good team and very similar to us, definetely beatable. Tough games ahead Juventini but will see magic again from La Joya im certain. Haven't seen Dybala looking so fit and focused. As regards Ronaldo i enjoyed watching him and good luck to him a good guy but i miss the Juventus which is a Team. Forza Juve!

  6. Juventus is in the shit right now! Ronaldo not expressing to Juve's management his sincere willing to go. What a champion and legend this is! Pfff I've never been a Ronaldo fan and I will never be. I knew his mentality, just think about his life and career. That's not an example of strong mental; I just called this selfishness is typical words! Giving signatures and money to children, oohhhhhhh that's so difficult! OMG! I put NEYMAR and RONALDO in the same bag! They are players who dont give a shit to clubs, they always pretend they like a club but only for the success it brings to them. What's Ronaldo is doing right now is clearly a Dani Alves. I dont care Ronaldo leaving us because for me he brings us so bad luck with all his f…fans who just want the all team to play for him for each ball, treating our players of selfishness or worse player ever but not informing explicitly the board to prepare well our mercato. He just play for himself, having a foot in the club and the other outside. To almost one week end to the mercato, he just put us in the worse situation. He will leave and we dont have time to find a replacement. NICE JOB PENALDO! I AM A JUVE FAN and I WILL bring you BAD LUCK THIS YEAR TO WHATEVER CLUB you will go! I will do the same for MESSI, as BARCA FANS were against us but the worst were definitely the RONALDO FANS who were absolute disgrace for us! SO RONALDO! BYE AND BACK LUCK for the rest of your carrier! You sincerely won too much SO I WILL BE happy that YOU'LL earn just SHIT from now on! Sincerely a JUVE FAN who knows from day one the type of man you are!

  7. bye ronaldo it was a honour in our team player are coming and going but the case of ronaldo was in a bad time.
    Thank you Ronaldo for 3 years and bye

  8. It’s not the right moment for ronaldo to left juve as there is little time to find his replacement and it’s better to let him go next season even for free

  9. Juve is bigger than CR7, if he wants to leave good luck to him! As long as Juve is paid out for his contract. Hopefully we will play more as a team than individuals!

  10. This year chiesa, morara, dybala will replace cr7 goals. We will play as a team this year and we will go long in ucl(not champions) and win the scudetto

  11. At first i wanted ronaldo to leave. But when i heard that he about to join that disgusting club city or shity i want ronaldo to stay here. If he joins city he's gonna lost all my respect towards him. A United player should never ever join city or Chelsea.

  12. Ciao Beppe ??
    Sincerely I am Ronaldo fan I joined since the beginning and still remain to this channel ..your video is full of emotions and happiness as well as joys and sorrows ..I able to know how passionate fan will be with a club .. Eventhough Ronaldo leave juve I will remain to watch your video ???

  13. Easy group for me. Russian club hasn't doing much in Europe these past couple of years, not underestimate Malmo but if Juve stays focus then we'll beat them. Chelsea even with Lukaku are not unbeatable

  14. Your background music makes the video more tense and interesting like a thriller movie scene ??? but it’s great ??

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