UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw, 2021/22 - FULL REACTION

Watch – UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw, 2021/22 – FULL REACTION

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

The UEFA Champions League draw for this year’s group stage has been officially made. Could Lionel Messi’s PSG meet with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man City?

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw, 2021/22 – FULL REACTION and credited to TalkFCB. Viewing time is 00:10:08, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. sad to see not a single mention of the female players who won so many awards. VERY UNEXPECTED FROM JAMIE!

  2. Group stage
    Barca-Benfica 3-1
    Kyiv-Barca 0-5
    Bayern-Barca 2-1
    Benfica-Barca 2-5
    Barca-Kyiv 4-1
    Barca-Bayern 3-3

    Round of 16
    Barca-Juventus 4-2
    Juventus-Barca 2-1

    Liverpool-Barca 3-1
    Barca-Liverpool 2-0

    Man city- Barca 3-1
    Barca-Man city 5-2

    Barca-Real 3-2

  3. Guys guys please dont care about a cry baby barking in our channel just ignore him and he will just stop doing this. Dont reply

  4. I h8 2 admit that i’m so worried that we must face Bayern again???????????

    I believe in Goatwaith tho????????

  5. Barcelona please sign Iñaki Williams!!!

    A fast striker who can run ?????for 90 minutes easily.

    There is no other striker that will or can fit into Barca’s scheme better & become a fast team again

    @JoanLaportaFCB @RonaldKoeman @English_AS @Sport_EN @mundodeportivo @rac1

  6. If koeman utilise properly the pace of dembele and ansu along with depay , with pedri , fdj , busi in midfield and araujo in defence , we can beat anyone ? Remember Bayern is not perfect .

    Btw very excited to see messi vs pep again ?

  7. Follow both Barcelona and Liverpool, both teams probably got the team they wanted the least as the top team in the group but if both teams advance, it means that they can’t face their possible nightmare draw in the round of sixteen, let’s be honest, possibility of high flying teams like Bayern, City, PSG, Chelsea drawing Athletico in the round of sixteen is a nightmare for those teams

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  9. I believe in our players, in the talent we have… If we can get everybody at their best, the coaching team as well, I think we can go all the way in this competion.

  10. dont underestimate Benfica, they are a decent team in Portugal and with our current level we struggle to play with teams like Getafe and Bilbao..

    ?hope we get our revenge against Bayern, but ronald Koeman is not trusted. I am worried

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