UCL GROUP STAGE PREDICTIONS - 2021/22 UEFA Champions League Groups Predictions

Watch – UCL GROUP STAGE PREDICTIONS – 2021/22 UEFA Champions League Groups Predictions

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Welcome to a new video where I do a preview of the Group Stages of the UEFA Champions League. In the groups we have some huge match ups inclunding …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UCL GROUP STAGE PREDICTIONS – 2021/22 UEFA Champions League Groups Predictions and credited to Birdie. Viewing time is 00:15:54, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. I’m going to go in and out editing this becuase I need to look at the groups

    Group A:
    Manchester City (if they get a striker)
    If city don’t get a striker then swap with PSG
    Group B: With the mighty reds
    Liverpool (I kind of have to)
    Ac Milan (Risky one)
    Group C:
    Group D:
    Real Madrid (Built different in UCL)
    Group E:
    Group F:
    Young Boys
    Group G:
    Group H:

    We’ve agreed on quite a lot there

  2. Liverpool finishing bottom. Atleti will do what they did in 2019/20. Ac Milan have will get more revenge from 2005 and will beat them like they did in 2007 and Porto will get revenge for Liverpool spanking them twice two seasons in a row

  3. I'm a Porto fan, and if you don't know, most people never belive in us, but we still make good ucl campaigns. They just think we are sh*t and end up losing in our stadium, so just be careful ??

  4. I understand bayern are the favourites to win but dont underestimate barça. They are coming for revenge and with messi gone all the player can play freely and we could see what they are about. They are the team with firepower because they have to prove everybody wrong so you could never know

  5. Ajax Will become third in the group. We don’t really have the greatest team and we always lose to Portuguese teams.

  6. You dk ball Sporting is full of ballers like Pedro Gonçalves palhinha Nuno Mendes
    If you Saw the euros you woudlnt say that

  7. You don't take your time to give right prediction you said lille in front of Wolfburg how you not seen the difference between those teams recently lol what type of perdction is this

  8. OK… gd predictions, I believe Milan can go through, but I tell you: If luck is there,Ajax will be 1st, they played against Bayern the last month way better then Dortmund

  9. Sporting totaly distroyed the league by beeing invict for 32 of the 34 matches and only losing 1 game (when we had already been crowned champions) and we are talking about the 5 best league currantly at the uefa rank
    Just the facts????

  10. AC Milan fan here, hope your prediction for group B will be the real outcome for it. Really tough group but I expect AC Milan to pull out insane matches as they were used to in UCL.

  11. Juventus really aren't in a good position right now… just lost Cristiano Ronaldo and have only signed Locatelli this transfer window. Apart from Dybala and Chiesa the team isn't looking the best. I wouldn't be surprised if they drop points against Zenit and Zenit may even challenge them slightly for 2nd, but Allegri is an experienced manager and he should still be able to take them out of the group.

  12. Lets go united ??? !
    1. Manchester united
    2. Villareal
    3. Atalanta
    4. Young boys

  13. Atletico 3rd!
    You serious you really cant it to Milan with all my respect to your opinion
    My prediction

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