Chris Sutton reacts to Celtic's loss Midtjylland in Champions League qualifier

Watch – Chris Sutton reacts to Celtic's loss Midtjylland in Champions League qualifier

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“This isn’t on the manager, this is on the board.” Chris Sutton reacts to Celtic’s loss “There’s no doubt it was embarrassing for Celtic to go out of the Champions …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Chris Sutton reacts to Celtic's loss Midtjylland in Champions League qualifier and credited to Premier Sports. Viewing time is 00:01:08, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. 50 years ago Celtic was arguably the best team in Europe, now they're on the cusp of falling out of the top 50… What does this say about Scottish football and the future of the old firm? OK, Rangers are flying at the moment, but that won't last long when Gerrard moves on. There's only one resolution to this, we all know what it is, but we daren't talk about it… Otherwise the old firm is going to fade slowly into oblivion.

  2. A wiz that happy last night after the game a agreed tae building 2 ikea wardrobes the day. And a done a spot a painting. A watched this last night amd raised a beer to the tv. It’s even better seeing it again. ????. Well done smellik. The gift that keeps on giving

  3. For too long this club has basked in the glory of beating noone. Paper titles won on the absence of true competition. For too long pundits like this clown have celebrated these victories. Good to see them back where they belong. Even better to see us back where we belong. Long may it continue WATP??

  4. Funny enough when pedro failed to beat progress it was all on the manager and not the board how times have changes eh Chris ?

  5. It's not embarrassing for Celtic to be out at this stage. They're only a small club. No one expects them to be in the CL apart from these deluded clowns.

  6. Pure and simple the board didn't act and as fans who are season tickets holders or not the cash the club generate from fans is more than enough. They have let us down once again.

  7. Ha Ha Sutton. The Pain he's suffering regarding his Beloved Hoops being absolutely Honking is Glorious.
    Get it right up ye ya Rocket!! W.A.T.P.

  8. Last year Sutton saying how amazing the squad and board were. Now he's saying its been on the decline for years. Talks out of his arse

  9. ??We are glad we are out of the CL because we want to concentrate on the Europa and the title.

  10. how does he still get on TV? talk about waffle. It is good to see them puke into their porridge though both of them

  11. Premier sports commentary team for celtics upcoming Europa ties is, Chris Sutton, Micheal myxomatosis eyes Stewart and Gerry Adams. Ffs man where’s the balance

  12. Oh no… there will only be one Scottish club for teams from proper leagues to get an easy six points against in the group stage.


    Stick by this man, he will produce the goods.. Let’s not get sucked in by the urgency of this moment, and focus on the bigger picture. It will take time.

  14. between barkas, eddie n bitton. those 3 clowns really killed this tie. still the board will do fuck all

  15. Worst bias pundit In the world. Ludicrous, embarrassing comments.go open up a burger van somewhere, big DJ was right ya fanny!!!!! Mon the hoops

  16. I paid for my ST this year… bad…
    But I will make up for it next Sunday with my feet & banner.. the people who took my hard earned money will fucking hear me then ?

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