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Sporati @ UEFA Euro 2020’s Social Media update

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UEFA Euro 2020’s Instagram post information

UEFA’s social media post titled is credited to UEFA EURO 2020 on instagram account euro2020 and currently has 12230 likes as of posting.

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  1. Maestro remains the best, and whoever compares him to me Xavi and Iniesta does not understand football Andrea Pirlo is a legend of legends in the middle of the field is not compared to Iniesta and Xavi , You know why when he was in the midst of all the European teams strong, such as Gerrard, Lampard, Davids, Veron Vera, and many others, there was no place for me Xavi and Iniesta, This is evidence here that Pirlo was enjoying and he was playing in Milan where there are many legends and he was essential , And Anasta and Xavi did not appear until after the retirement of both legends , Don’t compare gold to silver And another thing is the answer to me idiots , I didn’t say Iniesta and Xavi are not players, no they are big players, but not like Pirlo

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