Pep Guardiola Post-Champions League Final Press Conference

Watch – Pep Guardiola Post-Champions League Final Press Conference

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Pep Guardiola Post-Champions League Final Press Conference and credited to DAZN Canada. Viewing time is 00:07:43, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. I have a few points 2 ponder
    1) Pep made this decision in the final based on the fact that Chelsea beat Man City twice before this season
    2) Everyone talking about Pep not playing with a DM , nobody absolutely nobody gave Chelsea a chance in the final everyones theory was Man City are way better than Chelsea , i find it hard to believe that after they were overwhelming favourites they can put the loss down to a DM not playing that tells me the teams are way closer that everyones giving Chelsea credit for
    3) Chelsea big wins this season
    Liverpool – Chelsea beat a poor liverpool
    Athletico – Chelsea beat a poor Athletico
    Porto -Porto do not deserver to be in the quaterfinals
    Real Madrid – Chelsea beat a poor Real Madrid
    Man City – Pep made a mistake and played without a DM

  2. Pep did in this game the very same thing that cost Zidane the 2nd match against Chelsea, which is that both of them took a shot at being the genius in the art of experimentation.

    In the big matches, it's best to stay close to what makes sense as much as is possible and not go way out.

  3. Don't worry Pep. The Sheik of City will give you another 500 millions to spend on new players.

  4. Honestly Chelsea got everything right in Finals/whole UCL campaign that even if Pep would've chosen the "normal" starting eleven, i think it still could not be enough. Chelsea got everything on point.

  5. Without Pep, City would never even be in finals in the first place. He has done a lot for City over years. The fickleness of fans is fkin depressing. Be a little grateful at least you got to the finals beyond likes of PSG, Bayern Munich, Real and Barca. Pep rolled a dice which tactically unnerved the result oriented play that may have yielded them results in the first place but to assume that it simply was the only reason sole responsible for City's unimpressive performance is naive. In my view, it also has a lot to do with psychological impact of carrying the burden of being a granted winner and the nerves of the players who may or may not have played in a CL final before (don't recall anyone except Gundogan) or are able to shoulder this impact. I can't fathom how any intelligent observer (or a fan) can assume players to simply function like machines subtracting any psychological impact of the competition. One may ask well if that is the case, why did the largely unexperienced (in terms of CL wins just like City) Chelsea team win? The answer perhaps lies in the psychology of being an underdog wherein you have nothing to lose.

    And also to all the youtube tactical geniuses of the comments section (some of you think you certainly could better Pep and maybe you could?), yes, by all means, give it a shot. Apply for the City job. But go coach Barca B first , play for Dorados in Div II at the heart of Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, and reinvent Cruyff's Tiki Taka to culminate in some of the greatest club football ever seen (Pep's Barca) and then try Bayern too. Please show us how far you get with your sublime tactical additions and subtractions. The coaching football world is waiting for you geniuses!

  6. Credit to Chelsea, but Pep handed that CL to them…like most City fan comments totally baffling tactics and team selection…its not the loss, it's the way we lost..I would
    rather play our normal way and lose than that my opinion Pep threw the FA Cup semi final because we had Dortmund coming up and Spurs in the Cowboy Cup..we beat Dortmund and then he made big changes against Spurs.. we played high press aggressive and should have played like that in the CL final… the second game against Chelsea Pep played a ridiculous 5-1-4 with no key players…City had won the PL by then so he wanted the game out if the way not to give anything away…….And then he came up with a ridiculous team selection and tactic in the CL Final………Unforgivable ………????????

  7. can we now finally admit that he is a fraud? He is atrocious, like more than 1 billion pounds and that's not even counting wages, and no champions league in a year with no clear favourites except them and in four years where they were huge favourites. Oh and they are definitely not winning it next years so that's basically 6 years.

  8. He killed man city, what a garbage thinker, KDB really deserves to lift the trophy, but Kante deserved it more this time, congrats Chelsea

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