Pep Guardiola - Man City v Chelsea - Pre-Match Press Conference - Champions League Final

Watch – Pep Guardiola – Man City v Chelsea – Pre-Match Press Conference – Champions League Final

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Pre-match press conference with Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola ahead of their Champions League final clash against Chelsea. @UEFA 2021 Please …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Pep Guardiola – Man City v Chelsea – Pre-Match Press Conference – Champions League Final and credited to BeanymanSports. Viewing time is 00:15:33, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. A million marching in central London for freedom. Be there or roll over and submit to the globalist cult

  2. I'm a utd fan but no doubt city will win this game they are world class and they will step up and grab this by the balls.

  3. Great work Pep. Great Attitude. Wishing City the very best and hopefully the Crown this team deserves. ???

  4. Pep!!! the selection I am going to make is to win the game no alternative. C’mon city, may God be with you and bless you.

  5. Come on man city prove that you have a winning mentality as a champion af and ifyou can train , don't be thirsty for strategiec goal,if you can work together,wo scores goals, the important thing is to win.???

  6. My Line Up : Front – Foden, Gabriel Jesus & Mahrez. Midfield – Gundogan, Fernandinho & KDB.
    Back 4 : Zinchenko, Ruben Dias, John Stones & Kyle Walker. This starting line-up is the best based on current form.

  7. You are all afraid of Chelsea. Pep knows chelsea my team will defeat you guys .C'mon just admit ..
    We are not afraid of Man City ….#chelseafor life

  8. The various chauffeur scully fix because kangaroo literally cry out a scrawny hot. opposite, hungry pasta

  9. The first question from the media was obvious. When Liverpool and Spurs faced each other in the final they had a three-week break and with that, for both teams, you lose momentum and that is not the case this time the break between this final and the Liverpool and spurs final has been far shorter so momentum should still be present within both teams and key for an exciting match. I do like Pep I think he is an amazing coach and has done well with City. I'm a Liverpool supporter sorry guys but wish both teams good luck as it's always good to have an all-English final it shows our dominance in football within Europe.

  10. Chelsea they can beat mancity but city can't beat chelsea ??????we win champion league tuchel ball

  11. i think he is just bored by all these questions and please let city win so all these noise can end .

  12. fire pep and we will be in the mud. this man has done so much, please lets not treat him like so other manager please dont be to harsh on him city please!!!!!!!!!

  13. Pep somewhat didn't look healthy + all the coughing.. corona? or Abramovitch send 2 FSB guys on "sightseing tour" with Novichok

  14. After last night defeat… i don’t know how could he leave the defense so open for Chelsea???lucky he didn’t loose for couple of goals.

  15. A coach with local titles. Champions League. It is difficult for him. One of the best is to change coach Cardiol, as the winning ground in the Champions League brings a German coach, Thomas tuchel , Klopp, Klopp and Hanzi Flick, in a short time, winning the Champions League.

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