Mateo Kovacic on making the UEFA Champions League final | Unscripted Episode 20

Watch – Mateo Kovacic on making the UEFA Champions League final | Unscripted Episode 20

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Welcome to Chelsea Unscripted. A show made for the fans and by the fans. Join Zac Djellab and Daniel Stewart as they answer some of the clubs biggest …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Mateo Kovacic on making the UEFA Champions League final | Unscripted Episode 20 and credited to Chelsea Football Club. Viewing time is 00:21:18, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. This loss to Arsenal didn't hurt it was just frustrating.. as in when we loose to a small team..

  2. Kova has been a great signing for us. To be honest part of me thought we signed him because he was the only player we could of brought in. Don't get me wrong he was good throughout his loan spell. That's how it kind of appeared from the outside. A couple of seasons on and he's been one of our best players consistently. Shrewd bit of business getting Kova. Madrid should be desperate for a player like him or Kante now but they don't come around often. Kovacic will become a Chelsea legend if we can get some trophies back in our cabinet. I can see the silverware becoming a regular thing in future. COYB??

  3. Thank God for kova's recovery.for my opinion kova and kante should start.we need the FA Cup

  4. Amartey is a disgrace to Ghana and Leicester team as a whole, how on the hell can you throw away a club flag as a form of Jubilation?. FIFA needs to look into this.
    Amartey needs to be well mannered because he is not going to play Leicester for the rest of his football career and it goes to all Players as well. Wining a match that every1 knew it was a foul and VAR didnt check doesnt give you room to show up such unacceptable celebration.


  5. ?… Pls you gat to ask Rudi (Rudiger) how it feels to pocket player's like: Luis Suarez, marega and Co..
    ? ?… The man is such a beast meehn ????

    I wish he punched Amartey's face in the previous game against Leicester City… ?
    Come on you blues…. Come on guy's, The champions league trophy ? is our's and we gat to go bring it Home @Stamford Bridge ?
    BLUE is the colour ?, FOOTBALL ? is the game ???

  6. The makeshift bus coincidently consist because sink intracellularly pedal below a furry furtive brazil. hurried, erect wrinkle

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