Chelsea beat Manchester City to win the Champions League

Watch – Chelsea beat Manchester City to win the Champions League

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Chelsea have won the 2020/21 Champions League after beating Manchester City in the final. Kai Havertz scored the only goal of the gameto give Chelsea their …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Chelsea beat Manchester City to win the Champions League and credited to Sky Sports News. Viewing time is 00:16:28, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. Skysports were boasting for City to win this game. I hope they are not ashamed. I don't trust Skysports any longer.

  2. Bayern was the heavy favourites, we won…city was the heavy favourites, we won..just a small request to these so called pundits…have some respect for both the teams..matches and competitions are not won on paper..try to at least hide your bias..

  3. All respect to kante
    But all these celebration look so plastic ….only few player actually feel connected to that club and can see from celebration …

  4. Everyone in comments talking about James and Kante and well deservedly! Kante is just different and we know what he does! but please don’t forget about Chilwell he made some crazy clearances and I thought they were game defining moments!

  5. Sky when you gonna comment on the Chelsea fans behaviour over in Portugal? Need to set the Russians on them. See how brave they are then

  6. I think you weren’t serious to win the trophy ?. As city fan when I saw the lineup before the game, I gave up. So am not surprised about what happened after 90 minutes. How can you take such risk in such crucial one off final game. You know very well sterling is not at his best since last season and this season, but you drop players who can deliver and started with sterling. Too much over thinking always causes pep selection sometimes . You have a winning team, just maintain the same selection and formation. You really bottled it again. When you win we praises you, but when you messed up this time we need to blame you. I still don’t understand why pep too such decisions, this obvious.

  7. The irony of everyone going on about this narrative of Foden being the one to lift the UCL, the best wonderkid in the league. And it’s Kai Havertz, the forgotten one who gets the last laugh.

  8. Love how psg fired tuchel and let thiago silva go just to enable them to win the champions s league with Chelsea. That was real kind of them.

  9. Kante is the best he deserves everything in football history I mean everything can’t compare with with any DF

  10. Commentators still looking for excuses for City. Chelsea were simply deserved winners and champions.

  11. And so City can wait ,
    they know it's too late,
    But "Don't look back in anger"……………. 

    …………….Chelsea said!……………………
    At least not today!

  12. pundits are getting as bad as players and managers for completely ignoring whatever question they're asked and just reciting the thoughts they'd prepared beforehand

  13. In case you thought premier league isn’t the best league in the world… well now you know.

  14. Please no more of pep at City… remember the cracks were evident.. they lost to a 10 men Leeds..and every fan brushed over it..

  15. Chelsea were simply amazing.. stellar performance and a master class by tuchel..its proof who is a better at managing a team. I hope pep took some notes.. should help..

  16. Chilwell and Mount : produce defence-splitting pass to infiltrate Dias and Stones
    Havertz: rounds Ederson and scores
    Rudiger, Azpi, James and Christensen : annull City's attacks.
    Kante : empties the whole City team
    Mendy: another day in the office : saving only no less than 3/5 efforts from City to achieve another clean sheet.

  17. Beaten you 3 times in a row is no fluke, so twasn't about wrong team selection for Guardiola. Pep just didn't have an answer for Tuchel tactics. Maybe he will in time

  18. Pep lost quadruple thanks to Chelsea, lost chance to win treble thanks to Chelsea and most importantly he lost CL final and to add another sad statistics, he lost 3 in row to Chelsea with different strategies and team. He was doomed to loose and humiliated by Chelsea ???. best revenge for the 6-0 loss. This is how we do it???

  19. Stop pretending as if Fernandinho would have made a difference. He was manhandled by Reece and Callum at the Ethiad

  20. A moment of silence for Willian's three year plan at Arseanal to win the chapioms league.

  21. Why does Pep hide behind the first final excuse. This Chelsea team had no one leftover from the past successful one. It was their first time too and were on average a younger team. In the building process for the future.

  22. Well I thought it would be about Chelsea winning it, but it seems like Sky only want to talk about City losing it

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  24. Why is everyone taking about the losing team. It seems they all want to find a reason why city lost versus how chelsea won. They’re all saying the man city players ( except ilkay) had t played in the finals before, but chelsea were in the same position except Thiago ( out in the 30’s) and Kovacic who played some 20 odd minutes.
    Chelsea won, city lost- talk about the team that won- the underdogs.

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