UEFA Champions League 2021 Semi Final Prediction

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Here are my predictions for the upcoming UCL semi finals. Let me know what you guys think will happen in the comments! Instagram: …

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  1. I think Real Madrid is a superior team to Chelsea by far. I Go for a 3-1 Real win on aggregate.

  2. My prediction final Man city vs Real Madrid = Winner Man City .. MARK MY WORD !!! how come u chosee PSG losing in second leg with no Lewandowski.. Man city will show PSG what is CLASS !!

  3. I am so sory for Liverpool, they deserved to play in semi final.
    Nevermind, now i would like Chelsea to win, but, i actually think that PSG has biggest chance.

  4. My prediction
    Real M. 1
    Chelsea 1

    Psg 3
    Man City 3

    Matchday 2 of semi's
    Chelsea 1
    Real M. 2

    Man City. 1
    Psg 2

    Real M. 0
    Psg 2

  5. Chelsea go to Madrid first leg. How is it possible they can play the second leg? Don't people have to quarantine in the uk when coming back from Spain?

  6. If you think that Chelsea will beat real because they don’t have Ramos. Then you’ve clearly not been paying attention.

  7. My predictions:

    Man City 3-1 PSG

    Real Madrid 2-0 Chelsea

    2nd Leg

    PSG 2-1 Man City

    Chelsea 1-1 Real Madrid


    Man City 2-1 Real Madrid

    (Real scores the first goal)

  8. Everyone talking about the matchups but, did someone forget that the GOD of Eden Hazard is going to play against his former club Chealsea

  9. Considering you’re wearing a Chelsea jersey and have a Pique jersey on your wall, I’m gonna have to say Real in two

  10. My prediction
    Real Madrid 4-3 Chelsea on aggregate
    Man City 2-2 PSG on aggregate
    PSG move on away goal

  11. To all the Fake mandrill fans go and eat shit, just because you won before doesn't mean you'll always win the games are won on the field not on paper

  12. Ima be honest. I think Real Madrid will reach the finals facing PSG. Let’s be real, Chelsea lost to Porto at the last minute and barely beat them on aggregate. Not saying they cannot do it, they have been superb (regardless of that Baggies match) under Tuchel but imo, I see this final being Real Madrid vs PSG. I’m gonna root for Chelsea still!

  13. First leg
    Man city 2-2 psg
    Second leg
    Man city 2-1 psg
    Man city wins 4-3 on aggregate

    First leg
    Chelsea 1-2 Real Madrid
    Second leg
    Chelsea 1-1 Real Madrid
    Real Madrid wins 2-3 on aggregate

    Man city 3-1 Real Madrid

  14. It’s hard to believe that Chelsea and Madrid will play the final. They were never favorites. Crazy

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