New UEFA Champions League Format Explained!! | Set To Kick Off From 2024 With 36 Teams

Watch – New UEFA Champions League Format Explained!! | Set To Kick Off From 2024 With 36 Teams

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled New UEFA Champions League Format Explained!! | Set To Kick Off From 2024 With 36 Teams and credited to Dominic Rich F.C.. Viewing time is 00:07:01, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. Just combined europa and champion League.
    24 champion from top 24 top European league qualified last 64

    94 unseeded teams to play 1st Qualifying round home and away (47teams)
    33 teams from top 8 league + 47 teams from 1st qualifying round
    80 teams playing home away tie 2nd qualifying round
    40 qualified team + 24 champion to form 16×4 group stage

    Group stage
    Winner and runner up last 32 into knockout stage.

    Last 32
    Last 16
    Quarter final
    Semi final

  2. Liverpool and Manchester united getting access even when they do bad. Devine right to champions league for the biggest English teams ?

  3. It’s not a format … it’s another building block towards a super league. The CL will be like the FA cup eventually together with the Super League.

  4. Not a fan of this format, but nothing is confirmed yet. I know ?eferin would want to make extra space for teams for smaller countries (europa conferrnce league), but Super league in somehow forcing uefa to keep the big clubs. It's realy sad and disapointing how m7ch money affects the beautiful game

  5. if the new format helps to prevent the cause of the super league I'm okay with it. NB: no one like the idea of the Super league.

  6. Yeah that is a big no from me chief.
    Like you said, it's all about profit and revenue (it's the comercialization of a sport). Nowadays sports which were built on drive, passion and an assortment of other emotions are now businesses.
    This is a terrible format because it will exclude plenty associations and deprive us of moments like an absolute underdog, from a smaller association, beating a european giant through sheer motivation and will (and the scenes it would ensue from it)
    But hey still beats the Super League I guess

  7. I don't like this new proposed format. It's in fact a Super League for big and rich teams with no teams from smaller countries.

  8. Na I don’t like this because IMO the champions league should feel like you deserve it like getting top 4 it’s a good achievement like it’s ridiculous that you will get gifted the champions league place. This is desperation to keep the teams because honestly I don’t really mind this format currently

  9. UEFA should make a nations league but for european clubs
    Like the big clubs with 16 teams in one league and there should be 5 or six leagues

  10. I agree with all of you, this new format is fucking idiotic.
    The whole joy of football lies in the fact that some sort of "Super League" is not a thing that exists.
    The current format is fine for the most part, except maybe there should be less than 26 (!!!) direct entries in CL groups, of total 32 entries.

    If you ask me, I would re-institute Cup Winners Cup.

  11. The premier league should boycott it, the champions league wouldn’t be as good without English teams we’d still have best league in the world we’ve got to stick up for ourselves

  12. You see the big teams need this for revenue in order to say competitive, especially in England, say there are the big six, 2 teams don't make champions league, they loose potential revenue which could of been used on players to increase the competition in domestic leagues, and so that the City's and Utd's dont run away with all the UCL money making them only stronger each year. An example is AC Milan, great European team historic wise, but they don't earn what Juve is earning year in year in year out, because of its non existent UCL presence and they are suffering because of it. As for the global entertainment, us non Europeans, we would also much rather see big name clashes, Real Madrid vs Chelsea instead of Apoel Tel Aviv. So I personally am for it.

  13. Here is a format that can work

    1st quaiflying round

    32 clubs

    2nd place clubs from contries 11-25 in coffient
    3rd place clubs from contries 5-8 in coffient
    4th place clubs from contries 1-4 in coffient

    2nd quaiflying round

    30 clubs

    16 winners from 1st quaiflying round
    Champions from contries 52-55 in coffients
    2nd place clubs from contries 5-10 in coffients
    3rd place clubs from contries 1-4 in coffients

    3rd quaiflying round

    15 winners from 2nd quaiflying round
    Champions from contries 19-51 in coffients
    2nd place from contries in 1-4 in coffients

    Playoff round

    25 winners from 3rd quaiflying round
    Champions from contries 12-18 in coffients

    Group stage

    16 winners from playoff round

    16 clubs will play in 4 groups of 4 4 winners advance and best runner up advances to knockout stage

    Knockout stage

    5 clubs from group stage
    Champions from contries 1-11 in coffients

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