Messi Contract, PSG Lose, Mou, Cannibal Suarez, Champions League Last-16  - Sunday UCL Hangout

Watch – Messi Contract, PSG Lose, Mou, Cannibal Suarez, Champions League Last-16 – Sunday UCL Hangout

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Weekly Champions League Football Debate Show. We talk Messi’s huge contract being leaked by El Mundo. PSG losing to Lorient in Ligue 1 Mourinho and …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Messi Contract, PSG Lose, Mou, Cannibal Suarez, Champions League Last-16 – Sunday UCL Hangout and credited to Have Hope’s Football Hut. Viewing time is 02:30:57, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. What if it was la Liga that leaked Messi's contract to embroil Messi in litigation to keep the value of the league up and other parts of the financial economy of Spain when the tax man comes calling la Liga could be the guy to sort things out "we'll get this for you bro np"

  2. Let me educate You people. Barça wouldn't care less if Atletico win the league. All Barça cares about is Real. And Real only care about Barça. Everyone else is irrelevant.

  3. This narrative that if Mbappe wins the UCL he will be better then Messi and Ronaldo is a little far from insane. From your narrative sergio ramos should be the undoubted the best player ever. He has 4 UCL, 1 WC, 2 Euros, and multipole domestic cups and has major roles in all of them. Mbappe has stagnated and is spending too long in PSG, its too late for him, he will never reach anywhere near the messi and ronado. Also business wise, if Barcelona has positive cash flow, then messi's wage bill shouldn't matter.

  4. New President can come in with whatever project but unless that presi is a Money Bags person from the Middle East, Russia or Bill Gates that €1.5 billion debt aint changing for Barcelona and they will need to sell 1/3 of their squad to fund being able to buy players. Who will buy players that are that devalued from Barca? Who knows.
    BTW i agree with Sean in that Messi seemed more motivated vs Ath Bilbao and that is a HUGE problem for an elite level player. Parts of last season and this season he seemed "sad" AKA not motivated. Its my same problem i have with Lebron…. Kobe, Jordan and to a much lesser extent Cristiano Ronaldo…. THEY WANT TO WIN ALWAYS AND SCORE AS MANY POINTS/GOALS on their opponents always. They are borderline sociopaths in terms of competitive drive…. AND I LIKE THAT. Same with Bayern Munich and Germany National Teams. If they can hang 10 goals on you they will.. Never ever again compare Messi to Jordan cause i've heard that blasphemy before and bruh….

  5. The "Are Barca and Madrid any different from PSG and Manchester City" may be one of the most ignorant comments of all time… Its full of short memory and lack of knowledge from footballs history in the 60-2000….. Im sorry Footy Agendas but nah… You compared PSG and Manchester City to Barcelona a team with "HISTORY" and "ALL TIME GREAT" players and coaches and even worse to Real Madrid, possibly the most lauded and successful club in the world with the Yankees, Lakers, Bayern, Celtics, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburg Steelers and more recently Manchester United.
    I can't speak for Barcelona as i dont know their recent finances these last 10-12 years due to smoke and mirrors but for Real Madrid under Florentino Perez they are consistantly in the top 3 of Forbes list of money generating teams. Unlike City and PSG which are NATION/STATE FUNDED teams infused with money comping from a Petrol owner/royalty. And worse yet if the owner gets tired of their toy the fans will be sheit out of luck. Unlike Madrid, Bayern, Juve or At Madrid where the president is responsible for the club but answers to the socios/season ticket holders/actual owners of the club. Just look at Arsenal or Man United to see which type of structure works best for a football club.

  6. Barcelona dont have any of Messi's image rights. If this deal included them having 50% of his image rights it could be defendable. No player or athlete to my recollection has ever gotten that. Not even Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, Lebron, Pele, Maradona, CR7, R9, Zidane, Gretzky, Montana, Brady, etc…. Basically Barcelona are idiots for agreeing to this but….. Messi and esp his father/agent aint saints (really borderline mercenarys) for asking the club that gave him a career and made him over 5 ft tall this kind of money. But yeah Messi you do you. The myth of him being such a club man is over.
    Sean Attributes all of Barca's recent (last 10-15 years) on Messi when all people that are not fanatics know yeah he is important to it but REALLY what was the main cause is the GOLDEN GENERATION of La Masia products bought up by Van Gaal/Ridgjkaard/Pep Guardiola who Messi is just 1 of…. Lest we forget they got Spain a World Cup and 2 Euros without Messi)….. So No… Barca dont owe Messi more than he owes them. Barca owes La Masia/That Golden Generation as a whole more than they owe Barca….
    And Messi didnt take a wage cut… He is under contract he couldnt just leave this summer.

  7. BTW this pandemic isnt once in 300 years. Similar stuff happened in 1918. Around 100 years ago and 50 million died…. Vs Covid so far only causing (supposedly) 2.3 million… So no… This stuff can and might happen again RT.

  8. Vilton is so stupid. He makes zero logical sense in his arguments. City haven’t lost in 17 games but they’ll get knocked out by Gladbach? Bayern Munich getting knocked out by Lazio? Come on guys, this guy is just a troll. HH please get some educated fans.

  9. Mbappe has looked dull this season the same reason Messi has looked dull. Both are leaving their teams next season most likely… Their love affair with their current club is over imo…. Verratti is good (just not as good as HH wants us to believe) and he is arguably PSGs Kroos/Modric. Without him at his best the entire team suffers.

  10. The entire premise is wrong. In the UCL there ARE NO CERTAINTIES. Anyone can have a bad day and its game over. So well see. I dont think any La Liga team will get to the semis (esp not RM or Barca) but you never know. I just hope RM get past Atalanta and then we can call it a season.
    Also Atletco Madrid where my dark horse last UCL season but after what they did vs Leipzig ill not bet on them so its up to them to prove me wrong. Them Simeone chock jobs are epic. We'll have to see if he actually grows tactically vs Big Big Teams.

  11. HH I would like to personally apologize for my delusional thoughts on the Sunday hangout yesterday. Seems like I got a lot of people mad yesterday. I promise I’ll be better. February 1st is here which mean I am a new man ?. Sincerely the one and only VILTON the GOAT ?????

  12. Why is Sean comparing Mbappe with Griezmann when they play very different roles?? Even Neymar doesn't have as much goals as Mbappe has this season because Neymar is functioning like a 10, just like Griezmann but with a lot more dribbles. You should compare Mbappe with Dembele , Fati, Trincao, not Griezmann

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