Round of 16 PREDICTIONS · UEFA Champions League 2020-21

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Round of 16 PREDICTIONS · UEFA Champions League 2020-21 and credited to Nick Att. Viewing time is 00:05:16, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. psg 2-1 fcb

    dortmund 1-1 sevilla
    dortmund3-2 sevilla

    chelsea2-3 at madrid
    chelsea 1-1at madrid

    bayern 3-1 laz

    real madrid 2-2 atalanta
    real madrid 2-2 atalanta
    real win on pentalty(4-3)

    man city3-0 borussia
    man city 2-1 borussia

    lepizig 2-3 liv
    lepizig 1-2 liv

    Juve 2-0 Porto
    Juve 2-1 Porto

    The reason why i predicted like this is due to their team’s form

  2. You actually have brain damage, picking PSG to lose and Barcelona to win is like picking Phil Jones to score an actual goal ( not an own goal )

  3. I think Neymar’s and Mbappe’s PSG will beat Barca because Barca are 5th in the La Liga that is the worst start in a looooooooooooooooooong time for Barca.

  4. My predictions for the Round of 16 UEFA Champions League 2020-21:
    Bayern Munich vs SS Lazio
    (1st leg) 3 Bayern Munich – 1 SS Lazio, (2nd leg) 2 Bayern Munich – 0 SS Lazio (5-1 aggregate)

    Borussia Dortmund vs Sevilla FC
    (1st leg) 3 Dortmund – 2 Sevilla, (2nd leg) 2 Dortmund – 2 Sevilla (5-4 aggregate)

    FC Barcelona vs Paris Saint Germain
    (1st leg) 3 Barcelona – 1 PSG, (2nd leg) 2 Barcelona – 1 PSG (5-2 aggregate)

    Juventus FC vs FC Porto
    (1st leg) 4 Juventus FC – 2 FC Porto, (2nd leg) 3 Juventus FC – 1 FC Porto (7-3 aggregate)

    Manchester City vs Bor. Monchengladbach
    (1st leg) 2 Manchester City – 1 Bor. Monchengladbach, (2nd leg) 2 Manchester City – 2 Bor. Monchengladbach (4-3 aggregate)

    Atlético Madrid vs Chelsea FC
    (1st leg) 1 Atlético Madrid – 0 Chelsea FC, (2nd leg) 2 Atlético Madrid – 1 Chelsea FC (3-1 aggregate)

    Real Madrid vs Atalanta
    (1st leg) 2 Real Madrid – 1 Atalanta, (2nd leg) 1 Real Madrid – 0 Atalanta (3-1 aggregate)

    RB Leipzig vs Liverpool
    (1st leg) 4 RB Leipzig – 2 Liverpool, (2nd leg) 3 Liverpool – 2 RB Leipzig (6-5 aggregate)

    Bayern Munich
    Borussia Dortmund
    FC Barcelona
    Juventus FC
    Manchester City
    Atlético Madrid
    Real Madrid
    RB Leipzig

  5. most accurate:
    Mancity vs Mongladabesh (Mangladaesh win)
    Lazio vs Bayern (U know who wins)
    Atleti vs Chelsea (Atleti win)
    Leipzig v Liverpool (Leipzig win) No chance for Liverpool injuries over injuries
    Juventus v Porto (Juv win)
    Barca v PSG (PSG win)
    Sevilla v BVB (BVB win)
    Atlanta v real Madrid (they r both trash so idk)
    I'm a Madrid fan btw

  6. Why do people think that that juve and Porto is an easy game its not because you saw them against manchester city they can prove that they can score past big teams and keep the game 0-0 in the champions leauge there doing a very good job so juve vs Porto is not an easy game ok

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