2020-21 UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Draw | Mock Draw

Watch – 2020-21 UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Draw | Mock Draw

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled 2020-21 UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Draw | Mock Draw and credited to Dominic Rich F.C.. Viewing time is 00:14:48, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. I looked into the future and I said in my video

    Barcelona v Liverpool
    Sevilla v Manchester City
    Atletico Madrid.v Chelsea

  2. I like ur channel as a person from jamaica I support Atletico but in the the premier league I like city so if we face I would like atletico to win my boyhood club if man city wouldnt mind love ur channel ??

  3. I’m anxious for the draw. My mock draw is :
    Gladbach v juve
    Lazio v psg
    Atalanta v Chelsea
    Sevilla v city
    Leipzig v real
    Barca v Liverpool
    Atletico v Dortmund
    Porto v Bayern

  4. Quench me when I'm thirsty, come on cool me down baby when I'm hot. Your recipe darling, is so tasty. And you sure can stir your pot so… stir it up.

  5. My mock draw results
    Porto VS Paris Saint Germain
    Sevilla VS Dortmund
    Lazio VS Man City
    Atletico Madrid VS Chelsea
    Barcelona VS Liverpool
    Atalanta VS Bayern Munich
    Monchengladbach VS Juventus
    Leipzig VS Real Madrid

  6. Blessings dominic rich,all these draw are perfect hope UEFA don't sue you for leaking there secret. Big up yo self a friend of Ryan lfc from jamaica.

  7. My draw predictions are:
    Bayern vs Sevilla
    Real Madrid vs Atalanta
    Man city vs RB Leipzig
    Liverpool vs porto
    Chelsea vs Barcelona
    Dortmund vs Atletico
    Juventus vs M'Gladbach
    PSG vs Lazio

  8. I wished Dom could become a VAR Assistant because of his forthrightness and honesty! Will he maintain his neutrality?

  9. Szobslai to Leipzig is sooo close so anyone facing them will have very hard time. We want to face Atalanta. That’s good match.

  10. I’m calling it right now!
    *Bayern vs. Sevilla
    (Super Cup Rematch)
    *Real Madrid vs. Porto
    (Warm up match)
    *Man. City vs. Leipzig
    (Quality vs underdogs)
    *Liverpool vs. Lazio
    (Luis Alberto, Reyna and Lucas Leiva getting recognition at Anfield; warm up match for Liverpool)
    *Chelsea vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach
    (Timo Werner and Kai Havertz possible significance?)
    *Dortmund vs. Barcelona
    (US significant players to watch making history by appearing in this matchup playing against each other)
    *Juventus vs. Atlético Madrid
    (Ronaldo coming back to Spain, Ronaldo vs. his shadow)
    *PSG vs. Atalanta
    (Big talk teams from last years Champions League going at it)

    LIKE IF YOU AGREE! Comment and let’s talk about it.

  11. Woah barcelona vs Chelsea the other t-shirt i wearing? 5-3 barca since we step up in knockout stages early ones

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