Post Match Press Conference | Manchester United 4-1 Istanbul Basaksehir | UEFA Champions League

Watch – Post Match Press Conference | Manchester United 4-1 Istanbul Basaksehir | UEFA Champions League

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Post Match Press Conference | Manchester United 4-1 Istanbul Basaksehir | UEFA Champions League and credited to Manchester United. Viewing time is 00:05:23, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. Lets be honest ,
    Lindelof has actually become quite consistent and has become a very important player for us
    I don't know why he is still so underrated.

  2. Funny thing is that the 'two leg game' against Istanbul has the same outcome as 2016 against Fenerbahce in Europa league. If I am correct they were champions of Turkey then and we lost there 2-1 after lack luster game and won 4-1 at home. Would love to see some more improvement against those kind of teams.

  3. still can't see use ur best team mr ole .., u hav world cls midfielder but still using old n slow n matic … Fool ole

  4. I hope Ole see's that Pogba is a liability when he plays and brings the team tempo down!! Play Donny more!

  5. Rashford gets special treatment for being not so special UTD kid.
    It was a disgrace how he went for penalty rather than fighting for goal or picking the right pass.
    He is a not a team player at all and knows UTD want him for brand advertisement

  6. Donny van de beek something special for our culb and Fernandes too keep going winning in champions league red

  7. What a game, we have to keep going
    I know I am very late but I love Man United and this team is going to win a lot of silverware for us, the club and themselves. GGMU



    ——-FRED——VAN DE BEEK—-


  9. Manchester United have signed the end after the end with the end to the end and the club will have the end of a season of champions league clash at the club on Sunday and will continue the wolf of their summer games in their first round Manchester United in the last two years and the first half of this year to win the champions cup final at 8th of their last year and will also have a chance for the end result to the final game in a bid of their best mates and the team 9 january Wembley is the best club in history to the premier of the premier premiership and will play a key player in a row over his career as manager in his first season at the Emirates on Saturday night's match in Manchester city on Wednesday night in their first match in a series of games against liverpool in the premier premiership and a third of their rivals in their premier league games against the premier league's top five premier league goals in their first season at Anfield on Sunday and will have to take a look in the top three for their last game against liverpool on the premier league's 8b stadium in the summer after a disappointing start in a row

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