The 5 biggest refereeing scandals in the World Cup | Oh My Goal

Watch – The 5 biggest refereeing scandals in the World Cup | Oh My Goal

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The World Cup has been played for almost 100 years, while VAR has only just been invented, so many mistakes have been made in its history by referees.

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled The 5 biggest refereeing scandals in the World Cup | Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:06:08, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I know Maradona hit the ball with his hand no question about it. But the real question is how did a 5ft7 attacking midfielder out jump a 6ft3 goalkeeper that also didn't make sense how is no one talking about this

  2. Do a video on how VAR real Madrid won la liga without any unfair means and its just some fans babbling on excuses

  3. Idgaf maradona is the best player ever and Argentina deserved and won that World Cup fairly. England and Argentina were at war like real war at the time. So yeah we were losing so us beating them in a World Cup was a battle. And England was playing very dirty the whole game. So yeah so what maradona scored with his hand. And 5 minutes later scored the best goal in history of World Cup and embarrassed the whole England team. Argentina ???

  4. What about the 2018 World Cup Colombia ?? vs England ?gbeng the American referee was very big and kept giving out unfair cards and fouls against Colombia maybe he was a racist due to there team being mostly black

  5. As Mussolini the first facis dictator he was friends with squared mustache man so i can agree he was corrupt

  6. Yall make it sound like mexico was robbed vs netherlands . The netherlands were denied a CLEAR penalty earlier that game they didn’t take anything from mexico thats just their karma

  7. What about Yugoslavia in 1930 when policeman kicked the ball to Uruguayan player who scored goal??????????????????

  8. You could have mentioned the 2nd “Hand Of god” between France and Northern Ireland. Thierry Henry uses his hand to block the ball for going’s out. And red allowed the goal.

  9. That England ghost goal against Germany can't be one of the biggest scandals because the score was 4-1 for Germany, so it would have been 4-2. One could argue that at 4-2 England would get hope and maybe do a miracle turnaround, but that would have been highly unlikely since Germany was playing very good football.

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