RB Leipzig vs PSG UEFA Champions League Semi-final Preview & Prediction

Watch – RB Leipzig vs PSG UEFA Champions League Semi-final Preview & Prediction

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled RB Leipzig vs PSG UEFA Champions League Semi-final Preview & Prediction and credited to Dominic Rich F.C.. Viewing time is 00:11:29, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. I think PSG should have this one in the bag. I mean, the amount of talent they have compared to Leipzig on paper looks like an easy win. With the 4 up front of Neymar, Mbappe, Icardi and Di Maria with so much potential scoring possibilites… Verratti looking set for a return (he was taking part in the intense trainings today)… They seem to be having a very strong mentality and now that they are in the Semis, after playing a competitive match since Dortmund really, they should be looking to get into that final and even winning it against Bayern or Lyon.

  2. I think it's going to be a close game. Interesting to see two German managers Tuchel and Nagelsmann face together. Leipzig had a more complete lineup and Paris Saint Germain had injury problems. It's hard one to predict. I hope it's a good game.

  3. Leipzig will win
    PSG has no identity just names
    I really want PSG to go to the final but something tells me they are not going to the Final when people underestimate the smaller team they prove the whole world wrong
    Leipzig has high intense pressing football
    PSG were outplayed by Atalanta in first half who has a similar style as Leipzig but Leipzig has a good damn Defense and Better players
    Neymar will have to pull a Masterclass and finish his Chances The others will have to be a great Supporting cast for Neymar to Score and Create
    If Verratti is not there Leipzig will outplay and Man handle PSG
    football is a Collective sport not Individual
    So either
    Leipzig 3-0 PSG or
    Leipzig on Penalties
    But PSG not going through

  4. Leipzig got a million reasons to take this they know it. The Coach don't have to say a thing to the players they are aware what this means.

  5. I'm going for a Leipzig win , because if you look back to last year,Spurs and Liverpool nobody gave them a chance to topple giants of the game ,and yes PSG have a star studded team but if Leipzig believe they can beat them , it would be a fairy tale ending ,I love underdogs go Leipzig from YNWA 78 ?

  6. I'm a french PSG fan and I'm watching your videos since fews months ! That's great contents man
    Cheers ! (As we say in Manchester)

  7. I think PSG was better then Barça three years ago but referee aside, they should blame themselves for not showing up in 2nd leg. 2 years ago Real was just to strong. Last year no luck vs MU in 2nd leg. This year, they were huge favorites against Atalanta but the fact they won before extra time might have turn off their choke button. I see Nkunku as a big threat because in the 90's and early '00 old players scored against them, and this man is even a real "Titi Parisien".
    Tomorrow I see Bayern for 90%, but still hope for Lyon.

    You do nice videos mate, have a good game

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