Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup history | Oh My Goal

Watch – Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup history | Oh My Goal

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Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2002’s video summary and description

Cristiano Ronaldo has won everything in his career. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus: he’s won titles everywhere! But there’s one major title he’s still …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup history | Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:05:01, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Now Portugal has great side but c.ronaldo will be 37 … He been in 4finals never once went to carry the world cup do Portugal .. Eusubio in my books even He never win he is greatest Portugal player ever cause he broken the blueprint to went to semis in world cup and he was top scorerer in world cup

  2. If they had beaten Iran would they have made in to the QF Portugal cause they would have 7 points? Iran one wasn’t even a pen refers was bad I hope that ref sees this he is sucks

  3. If it’s Argentina vs Portugal and even if it’s friendly match it will get more views than the entire worldcup of 2022

  4. I'm not real Madrid fan but it took me few years to understand messi and cr7 is both genius in there own path so dont compare them just enjoy
    And in my eyes cr7 will alwz be real Madrid king and messi will be Barcelona king
    Greatest players of all time

  5. I hope we win this time. I hope other players score like their captain. We want this.

    All teams that won World Cup had great teams. You can see it clearly that CR7 hasn’t had many great players around him. But this time we need this.

  6. I want leo messi and Ronaldo both to win world cup but unfortunately life is short and they only have one last chance ? it feels horrible. They both deserve it. Please god. Do something. This is their last chance. Especially Ronaldo because he's older than messi. Messi might be able to play another national match

  7. They should do 442line-up in goal Lopez centre backs are Garcia and pepe left back guirerro right back semedo or cancelo midfielders grenades and neves left wing jota right wing Bernado Silva strikers joao Felix and Cristiano Ronaldo

  8. In 2022, Any one Messi or Ronaldo will win and this is last chance for both of them. I will commit suicide if any one of them will not win

  9. Ronaldo u can't believe i cry….
    Cristiano u are the legend of all world ….
    Inshallah CR7 I pray for u every time u are the just only one hero of my life..

  10. I want that the in 2022 the world cup final could be against Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal VS Lionel Messi's Argentina .

  11. Sachin wc journey
    1992 to no win wc – group stage?
    1996 to no win wc – semifinal??
    1999 to no win wc – qf?
    2003 to no win wc – runrupe ?
    2007 to no win wc – groupstge?
    All people call sachin last wc
    Y sachin no wc trophy but
    2011 to India win wc
    Sachin dream complete
    I hope Ronaldo 2022
    Wc win dream complete ????

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