The most controversial match in World Cup history | Oh My Goal

Watch – The most controversial match in World Cup history | Oh My Goal

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SCANDAL. INTRIGUE. CONSPIRACY. When these two teams met in the World Cup, the result was considered a HUGE DISGRACE! Back before Ronaldo and …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled The most controversial match in World Cup history | Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:04:42, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


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    They always get the worst opponents!!! Fuckin cheater mafia germany!!! ??

  3. Disgraceful? Looked to me west Germany and Austria were just being smart. They have to make sure athat they qualify because they play football for a living.

  4. I don't think that it was scandalous , it was smart from both sides , they both mutually agreed on the field to keep the same scoreline for their benifit , if I'm offending anyone I'm sorry , it's just my opinion

  5. Germany got it all this match plus the semi-finals against France… 2 absolute disgraceful robberies ? poor Algeria and poor France

  6. this isn't corrupt, teams are allowed to play however they want (as long as they don't break the rules to gain an unfair advantage) to knock out their opposition

  7. Almanya ve Avusturya.. ?ikeci Gavat'lar Haahahahhaaaa Fifa bunlar?n ikisini de diskalifiye etmeliydi ama cesaret edemediler maalesef..

  8. Well, this was a scandalous game, no question about that, but there were extenuating circumstances for both teams : From the German standpoint, pushing forward after getting 1-0 involved the risk of conceding the equalizer from an Austrian side which had talented strikers like Krankl and Schachner, so the Germans, knowing that a draw would mean elimination, were less and less willing to go forward with each passing minute. And as for the Austrians, they could afford conceding one more goal, but anything beyond that would mean an early exit for them. So, why would they push hard for an equalizer when a 1-0 defeat already sees them through ? Especially against a superior opponent that could easily punish them with further goals if they gave space in the back !

    And what about the Algerians ? OK, they had a richly-deserved, historic victory against mighty West Germany, but then what ? Five days later, they quickly came down to earth against a lesser Austrian side with a 2-0 defeat. And in their final group match, after racing to an initial 3-0 lead against Chile, they tired eventually and conceded two late goals which ultimately proved to be their undoing, because if they could have carried that lead to the end, that would have forced Austria to fight against Germany for a draw to advance to the next stage and we would never have had this unfortunate incident.

  9. There were penalized because they were all of the same, Germany. Talking about 'unification of my country with German land' Hitler said decades erlier.

    This kind of descrimination still exist on FIFA today whereby FIFA favourites; France, Germany, Italy, Spain will always be guaranteed their chance to lift the trophy. Any surprisr in the like of Croatia and other tiny amd poor nation will be stopped in its track by all means. Money is still 'king' in this game.

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