The incredible reason why North Korea thought CRISTIANO RONALDO won the World Cup | Oh My Goal

Watch – The incredible reason why North Korea thought CRISTIANO RONALDO won the World Cup | Oh My Goal

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Everyone loves and remembers the Spanish World Cup winning team in South Africa 2010. Well, everyone but the North Koreans! In this mysterious country, …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled The incredible reason why North Korea thought CRISTIANO RONALDO won the World Cup | Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:04:25, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


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  2. North Korea shouldn't be allowed to compete in ths World Cup or the Asian Cup. FIFA should take action

  3. How would they know if Spain won the World Cup if 4 channels are available to them all owned by the North Korean state. This is Him Junk A's fault

  4. you should be glad to be at the World Cup North Korea has never made it past the group stage

  5. I haven seen the video yet but I think I know the answer

    Korea had a close game against Brazil in the 2010 world cup. So they thought it would be good to prodcast their next game for the first time vs Portugal. But they got their ass kicked. So to seem like their team wasn't shit and that North Korea was great. They told everyone that Portugal won the world cup so people would think that North Korea would only lose to the champions. Hopefully I'm right

  6. Me when I hear Luka.M won a ballon d or
    I wish I was in N.Korea where they would tell me that Ronaldo got it?

  7. Its obvious they thought they made it to the wc final they are an isolated country anyone can tell them anything

  8. According to a well known North Korean defector who is now a journalist, the manager and his family (wife and 1 daughter) were actually executed few months later for an unknown reason. He wrote article on dongailbo about this in 2020.

    This was actually a serious incident in North Korea, as it was first game that was ever broadcast live. All the North Korean political and military leadership gathered at Pyongyang stadium to watch the game live, and two elderly North Korean military generals died of heart attack on the scene.

    Perhaps the unfortunate football manager could've kept his life if Portugal didn't play as hard and won something like 3-0 instead. The manager actually worked very hard to bring North Korea to world cup for first time in 44 years. It should be noted that these Portuguese footballers indirectly contributed to gruesome death of 3 innocent people.

  9. if you look at the game replays, in the 7-0 defeat against Portugal, the Korean's defence was utter crap, not even the managers fault

  10. 0:24 Everyone except the North Koreans and the woman who worked in the bookmakers near me. I had the Netherlands to win the tournament each-way, meaning I'd get one third odd's if they were runners up. I handed over my betting slip only to be told Spain won. I said I know, I watched it, this bet is each-way. She asked what does that mean? Fortunately someone else working there knew what they were talking about and I got paid out.

  11. The sad reality of north Korea kills me. I thought I have so many problems but I I'm so blessed to have not been born there!

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