FULL | Vi?t Nam - Thái Lan | Vòng lo?i World Cup 2022 | NEXT SPORTS

Watch – FULL | Vi?t Nam – Thái Lan | Vòng lo?i World Cup 2022 | NEXT SPORTS

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NEXT SPORTS | FULL | VI?T NAM – THÁI LAN | VÒNG LO?I WORLD CUP 2022 #VietNamvsThaiLan #VongLoaiWorldCup #VIEvTHA …

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This FIFA World Cup 2022’s video is titled FULL | Vi?t Nam – Thái Lan | Vòng lo?i World Cup 2022 | NEXT SPORTS and credited to NEXT SPORTS. Viewing time is 02:05:26, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Mu?n ??t chân vào World Cup Vi?t Nam ph?i th?ng ??i tuy?n Iran 4-0 , ??i Hàn 3-0 và Nh?t B?n 2-0…. m?i khi so giày…..?

  2. I am Thai, I would like to say that the football of Vietnam emphasizes the result but does not consider the playing style at all. Vietnam's playing style is old-fashioned football, which plays and interacts with fouls in harmless areas by using the shoulder to push or run to hit. And when receiving the ball, it will be sent to the edge of the line so that the wing runs to pick up the ball and then throw the ball in This is all the tactics

    This form of play in Vietnam results in less possession of the ball than the opponent or winning with a low score ball. This format does not reflect the individual abilities of the players at all. Focus on power only (play as a team)

    It can be seen from the Vietnam football players who went to compete in foreign markets, none of them succeeded with their unique ability to survive. Or adaptation to the modern football system

    Although Vietnam won by Aff, it did not accept that Vietnam is the number one country in ASEAN. Due to the style of play

    If let me admit that Vietnam is number one, then have to open the game. Possession of the ball is very superior And win with a score that is much better Because this is just ASEAN football level

    I want to say that if the Thai team plays in this way, football fans will not be satisfied to the extent of canceling the coach. Although football is won by playing and then retaliating at home and abroad with ASEAN football level

    I wonder if Vietnamese people can't watch football. With the winning team with a form of play and response Ball possession is less than the opponent Many fouls cut, but the Vietnamese winning team seemed proud.

    But on the other hand, if being a Thai, already cursed Play in your own home, but playing with this style And just ASEAN football level Thai people are not proud.

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