FIFA World Cup 2002: One of the biggest scandals in football history - Oh My Goal

Watch – FIFA World Cup 2002: One of the biggest scandals in football history – Oh My Goal

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Nothing compares to football. Joy, pain and injustice: It’s one of few sports which makes its fans experience the full range of emotions. There are some football …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled FIFA World Cup 2002: One of the biggest scandals in football history – Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:07:36, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I'm a fan and I got sad when you said that they shouldn't pick Qatar for the world cup so please all you said about Qatar and those rumors are fake so please I'm from Qatar

  2. There was some catastrophic arbitrary mistakes but spain and italy were salty as fck, publicly firing south korean players from their championships, doing mafia shit to everyone involved in the matter and much more..
    that makes you really think… Its like this big teams control the world cup business with money and power that they'll make sure no team outside the circle no matter how powerful is to get passed them

  3. Italy are relegated now because of VAR ? you’re literally the biggest cheats of history, you cheat every cup lol 4 fake world cups

  4. To be honest, the odds of South Korea making it to the semis for me was 950000 to 1. The chances of this competition being rigged is more likely in my opinion. Honestly, presidents of the organizations such as FIFA are putting money ahead of the game. There destroying this game…

  5. I love how so many Koreans were bitching about Japan advancing past the Group Stage in 2018 because of fair play (even bringing up the occupation… pathetic) when their only success in the World Cup was through bribery and corruption. Tch, Tch, Tch. ????


  6. Qatar has so much money, and politicality powerful as well so expect them to win the WC in their home soil in 2022.

  7. Forget about which team or country you are loyal to. Anyone who knows soccer in this era, italy's team was STACKED. This team was better than the 2006 world cup team. The talent was high. Biggest soccer scam of all time

  8. I'm sure there was a conspiracy about a deal where if Brazil let france win the world cup final in 1998, brazil will get an easy draw to the final in 2002

  9. lmao guys. you really think korea could EVER WIN over EU or LATIN countries?? USE YOUR BRAINS KOREANS. STOP THINKING EVERYTHING BELONGS TO YOU. CHINESE TRADITIONAL CULTURE AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WHICH I SWEAR AT THIS POINT IS FROM AMERICAN POP AND FASHION. THE KPOP IS GETTING TO YOUR HEAD. I SWEAR LIKE you guys worry so much about your reputation and hide up all the dark facts about your people. you hide things. be fake. id rather be hated for what i am than be loved for what im NOT. PLEASE STOP doing things solely for reputation. this has been boosted by the kpop industry and the rising korean things that cause koreans to be proud af thus trying to grab the title for everything. This goes the same for korean ESPORTS. do you know that there are a few korean players in chinese teams who are so so freaking happy that they chose to be with china because they receive AMAZING treatment there? in korean esports, they train like crazy and if you speak against your elders, you will SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION because they will give you a piece of their minds because you're not allowed to tell the older gamers to do anything- you have to bring water to them and treat them like kings. it's so freaking strict because they want to dominate the world in everything and cannot stand a single bad word said about koreans. This is why i like japan and china. japan has wonderful things and although the chinese government is bad, the citizens don't try to hide the darkness of their country and pretend everything about themselves is the best and most perfect. You guys may think i'm generalizing korea but this is after 7 years of being a koreaboo and realizing that the citiznes love to bash idols and mukbangers for ANYTHING and everything, from spitting food out off camera to trying to carve everything about idol's personal lives.

  10. No, Ecuadorian reff wasn't newbie or inexperienced, he "sold out" to korean association but you analyze it closely match lost was italian fault, claiming faults rather than keep playing football, only the spain – korea game is suspicious of being rigged.

  11. South Korea and Japan Are The Two best teams in Asia there level have sky rocketed South Korea knocked out Germany in 2018 wc

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