QATAR WORLD CUP 2022 | MIGRANT WORKERS "Trapped in Qatar" in Slave-like conditions

Watch – QATAR WORLD CUP 2022 | MIGRANT WORKERS "Trapped in Qatar" in Slave-like conditions

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How migrant workers are being exploited in Qatar. Due to thedocumentary “TRAPPED IN QATAR” FIFA has for the first time admitted a violation in workers’ …

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This FIFA World Cup 2022’s video is titled QATAR WORLD CUP 2022 | MIGRANT WORKERS "Trapped in Qatar" in Slave-like conditions and credited to Benjamin Best Productions GmbH. Viewing time is 00:16:28, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Full boycott of the 2022 world Cup in Qatar! No fans! Large-scale investigation and punishment of all guilty!

    What is it but slavery in the 21st century? Poor workers…

  2. This is an old report with slightly new coverage, but mostly old esp. the red coffin.
    What is the motive of the uploader?

  3. I am from Qatar and honestly, the FIFA world cup shouldn't be in Qatar most people here are ignorant of what is happening
    it's frustrating being here and not being able to do anything about it nobody here even belives this is happening

    and I can't bring it up without hearing these words "it's fake"

  4. Tq for making such kind of videos & ur help its really heart touching… Love from nepal… ???Love from nepal

  5. Qatar is actuly a shitty country after all. Glad i never been there. Anf F@kk FIFA for coping with this shitty country. Boycott all of this!

  6. Please don't degrade Qatar I was working there and it's a great place to work and live they are giving the best facilities and attractive salaries to their workers. Qatar Labour Ministry works effectively throughout the country.

  7. The richest country and minimum wage is like 50 cents an hour. And you don't even pay that. So free labor not hard to see how you get rich here or should I say stay rich. And Joe Biden want's to support Qatar's actions by lifting the blockade.

  8. richest country but my god, how migrant workers are treated?!!! Treat them well!! you cannot take ur money to your grave.

  9. That's too sad , to unfair, to inhuman!

    And in this time ,that 2 ladies from PSG , Mbappe and Neymar, are simulating are fighting against racism, just because they like cheap circus and to do anything but not playing football! They are receiving 2 and 3 millions per month, money that are coming from the PSG owners, Qatar sheikhs!
    2020 !

    But nobody will conduct and investigation there!

  10. It’s not just Qatar – it’s throughout the Middle East including Dubai$. It’s a horrible thing – global exploitation!

  11. The problem is, this Arab peoples don’t work they just sit eat, drink and sleep because they have everything and then peoples will work for them and they won’t respect them

  12. Let me tell you a fun fact : ten thousand of workers died in south africa while building the stadiums. Never heard something about it. Im against qatar but i dont take westerners serious when they try to act for humanity

  13. boycott. tell your friends. There have been over 7,000 "workers" dead (aka human beings, fathers, sons, brothers) The number is more than the Guardian report as some countries haven't reported their deaths – workers from Kenya for example. So 6,700 dead men is a low number.

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