Chaos at the World Cup: When England faced Tunisia - Oh My Goal

Watch – Chaos at the World Cup: When England faced Tunisia – Oh My Goal

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Flags were burned, violence broke out, riot police were deployed…. The 1998 game between Tunisia and England was one of the most violent incidents in World …

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This FIFA World Cup 1998’s video is titled Chaos at the World Cup: When England faced Tunisia – Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:03:25, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. A nasty behaviour done by the English , but I think they learned that France is already ours ????????

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  3. It’s funny when the video is in English no serious fouls in the game ?? ????? what a bastard
    Let me remind you fuckhead one of the Tunisian forward finish the game with a bondage all over he’s head fuck offfffff

  4. pretty sure some of that footage of hooligans is from euro 2000, and it was Shearer with the first goal and then Scholes with the second…

  5. Lol it's really hard to tell that he's being serious when his voice sounds like he's saying every single thing for comedic effect

  6. Name of your channel is 'soccer stories' yet you said 'football' multiple times in the video. I suggest you use the middle ground and just call it "fairyball."

  7. well said. i just cant believe how stupid you must be to participate in that kind of event. they fight because of the results? what a lifless idiots.

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